Landscaping Our Garden: In Progress (Day 10, 11, 12)

What’s up garden biatches? I see you’re back to hear me talk even more about my wood, bush and rear entrance. Sadly, I’m just going to talk about the final week of our garden landscaping project.

At the time of writing, the garden is 99.9% complete. The landscape gardeners have finished their work, the final invoice has been issued and I’m trying to come up with reasons to not fulfil the contract on the grounds of force majeure. The only outstanding thing is for the electrician to fit a new wall light which should be completed next week.

This week saw the finishing touches applied to the landscaping work – if you’re not up to date with our project, check out Days 1, 2, 3, 4 and Days 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – including fitting wires against the fences for climbers, finishing the balustrades, fitting the spot lights, completing the inside of the shed, laying the turf and planting some greenery.

As you’d expect, sod’s law means that we’ve been unable to make much use of the garden so far due to the weather. Toddler L, Dax and I were out there for a bit on Thursday (Day 13), but today was a write off as it’s pissed it down for most of the day.

Despite this, we’re so chuffed with the finished result. It looks so bloody awesome – if I do say so myself – and we have so much more usable space than we ever did. It also feels a much safer place for Toddler L to play, although we’re obviously going to have to keep an eye on her because of the steps.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our finished garden:

Day 10

The first day of the week didn’t see *that* much progress. Only one of the landscape gardeners was on site and the rain was pretty unrelentless for most of the day. Despite this, the shed and stairs were painted black, a few of the boards on the top decking were replaced to form the basis of the planting area up there and the existing bricked area against the back wall was knocked down to make way for plants, bushes and a cherry blossom tree.

Garden Landscaping Project Day 10 top level

Garden Landscaping Project Day 10 bi fold

Garden Landscaping Project Day 10 right to left

Garden Landscaping Project Day 10 top window

Day 11

Tuesday saw further landscaping work done to the garden, but again it didn’t feel like loads had changed. The most visible change was the creation of balustrades on the steps and above the sedum roof which was achieved with galvanised wire. As part of this, the posts were also cut down and painted black. Although these wires aren’t fully toddler-proof, they should provide enough deterrent and we’ll obviously always have a watchful eye on her.

Work also began on fitting the four spotlights we were going to have around the garden – one was attached to the shed and one to the side of the stairs. These light will be connected to a plug socket in the shed and operated by a switch in the kitchen – we were thinking about a remote control, but this added additional cost which wasn’t critical.

Other stuff included the storage hatch on the benching area being fitted with hinges, the inside of the shed being boarded, our drainpipe being rerouted and the remaining ground area being prepared for turf. The end was in sight!

Garden Landscaping Project Day 11 top level

Garden Landscaping Project Day 11 bi fold

Garden Landscaping Project Day 11 right to left

Garden Landscaping Project Day 11 top window

Day 12

Wednesday was the last day of landscaping work and saw quite a visible change. Firstly, new turf was laid – although not the biggest area in the world, there is still enough room for Toddler L to play. Plus, we only live a short walk from parks and woods so the green space in the garden is a bonus.

We also had a few different plants and shrubs planted in the garden. Particularly in Summer, our garden is a proper sun trap so it’s a bit of a harsh environment for plants. In addition to the sedum roof for the shed, we have lavender on top decking, rose and passiflora climbers, grasses (Verbena bonariensis and calamagrostis karl foerster) in the bottom right corner, persicaria amplexicaulis and brachyglottis by the cherry blossom tree in the bottom left corner and box hedging by the kitchen. Our plant budget was limited, but these should give us colour in the garden with very little maintenance required.

A few other little touches included fitting the two additional spotlights – another on the shed to light the stairs and one on the side of the decking faced at the cherry blossom tree, and attaching some more wire for the planters. After jet washing the yellow balau decking, the job was done!

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 top level

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 top level 2

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 top level stairs

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 top level stairs 2

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 bi fold

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 right to left

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 bench

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 left to right

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 shed open

Garden Landscaping Project Day 12 top window

As mentioned, the job is 99.9% done. The electrician today fitted a plug sockets into the shed and will be back next week to replace our old light fitting with a better one. There’s also one or two little bits I need to do, like remove the satellite dish that we don’t use.

We’ll then switch our attention to making the garden that bit more homely with furniture, furnishings and accessories. I’m sure I’ll be writing a post in the not too distant future once we’ve figured out what we need and where to get it from!

I hope you’ve enjoyed following us on our garden landscaping journey – normal service will now resume!

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  • Kelly O

    Looks amazing Dave! What a fantastic garden space. Would love to do something like this.
    Would you mind me asking what your budget was??

    • Thanks Kelly, we’re very chuffed. A smallish space, but we have loads of usable room now. Feel free to DM me on Twitter about budget – I’d probably say think of a price, then double it (unfortunately for our bank balance!) 🙂

  • Donna Wishart

    Wow! That looks amazing! Such an improvement – and the storage too! It’s fantastic. Literally transformed the whole of the back of your house x

  • Laura Hyde

    Fantastic, such an improvement and, I’m sure, worth every penny 🙂 #HomeEtc

  • Island Living 365

    Wow this just looks fab! Such a fantastic transformation and your storage is great and has made really clever use of the space 🙂 No wonder you are chuffed! #HomeEtc

  • Organised Jo

    What a great transformation. I bet you are very chuffed with how it’s come out. And I love your ideas for storage, such a great way to use empty space. Hope you get some decent weather so you can enjoy it. #Homeetc

  • Nancy Straughan

    You’ve been so smart with the space, using the wire on the stairs and the top decking is a great idea as it doesn’t block the view into the garden. Hopefully you’ll get to enjoy it in the sun soon!


  • Harriet @ Life With Mrs Lee

    Wow your new garden looks amazing! I bet you are so pleased with the finished result. I’m actually really interested in garden landscaping as where I work specialises in CorTen steel for gardens like yours so I’m forever looking at pictures of swanky gardens and wishing they were my own 😉 #HomeEtc

  • Brilliant, you must be so pleased with it! I’d love to get our garden landscaped but we have to build a whole new part of the house first so it will be many years off in the future. Love the very Scandinavian style wood, and the steps look fantastic. Well done! #HomeEtc

  • Caro Davies

    It just looks amazing!!!! I know you said that it’s knocked your bank balance but the benefits of doing it are so worth it!!! Well worth the money, I’d say. It look incredible and will totally transform the way you use the space. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing it — I’ve really, really enjoyed watching the transformation!! xx #HomeEtc

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    It looks absolutely amazing. What a transformation and such a cool space! You will love it in the summer out there drinking beer!!!!!!! Love the wood so much, greta choice 🙂 Jess xx #HomeEtc

  • Laura Hyde

    Such a great makeover; so worth all the expense and stress I’m sure. Enjoy your summer out there 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Fantastic space and a great makeover, that is going to give you a great space to enjoy.

  • Life With Munchers

    Oh my word….garden envy or what?! I love every last detail! The storage, the wood, the planting area on the top deck. I’ve loved seeing it come together and can’t wait to see it with furniture. Here’s hoping the sun comes out and you can spend all summer out there!

  • Mum in a Nutshell

    That is absolutely stunning! I love the clever use of storage space too. We have a lot of decking which is looking very tired so this has give me some food for thought. Just wondering what I can paint black now! (How very Rolling Stones!) #bloggershomes

  • This is looking amazing! I love decking for making a garden look neat and practical but the storage you’ve designed is fab too!

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  • Back With A Bump

    That looks fab. It’s amazing what a difference some landscaping can do. My husband excavated a big area of the garden and decked it and it’s transformed our garden. We just need the weather to enjoy it!!

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