Dyson and Currys #NoCordsAttached Blogger Event

Blogging can be awesome at times. I’ve had the chance to do, see and experience some pretty cool stuff, just because someone decided to read my random ramblings – something that still confuses me to this day!

Like most bloggers, I get a fair few invites to events, but don’t often end up going to many due to distance, expense and having a baby in tow. However, an invite that recently hit my inbox which massively sparked my interest was from the Joe Blogs Network to attend an event with Dyson and Currys PC World to check out the latest Dyson cordless V6 technology.

So, on Saturday 10th October, I travelled into London to meet up with my blogger gal pal, Emma from Me, The Man & The Kids, prior to heading over to the Dyson London press office. After a brisk power walk – mainly because I took longer than expected to eat my giant club sandwich, which Emma generously decided to treat me too (coincidently, I’m still waiting for you to send me that money, Ems) – we arrived at the venue.

Dyson v6 engineer presentation blogger event

We were greeted with canapés and drinks, before being given a short presentation by Matt Kelly, one of the Dyson engineers. This is where things got a little hot and steamy. Matt repeatedly got out his equipment, waved his bits around the room and bragged about how powerful, compact and nimble it was.

He then passed his goods around the room for us to marvel at and touch, before tipping me over the edge by explaining that it has twice the suction of competitors. Seriously hot stuff.

After a couple of demonstrations of the cordless vacuums, including the Dyson V6 Absolute and Dyson V6 Total Clean – the latter being an exclusive to Currys – we were split into groups and allowed to test the kit for ourselves.

Whilst the first group stayed on the ground floor to try out the cordless V6 and various accessories on demo tracks, hard floors and stairs, I went upstairs to a ‘fake’ flat which was littered with Cheerios, rice, coffee granules and various other mess. In addition to random spills and stains, there were some pretty cool stencil art dotted around the place which we were also able to vacuum up.

Dyson v6 blogger event stain stencils

This ‘fake’ flat set-up was well thought out as it allowed us to use the different technology on a wide range of furniture and materials, including upholstery, carpets, worktops and shelves. After pushing a couple of other bloggers out of the way and getting a jog on, I managed to get my hands on one of the cordless vacuums.

Like a kid with his very first Nerf gun, I excitedly pulled the trigger and started to hoover up the stains from the settee, including baking powder and rice. To do this, I used a couple of different attachments to try them out and was surprised at how easily and quickly the V6 sucked stuff up. It’s also fair to say that I was a much better vacuumer than Emma was – her two-hand technique was pitiful compared to my one-hand method. Amateur!

Dyson v6 blogger event using vacuum cleaner

It was at this point that I realised I was basically doing housework. I’d come out for the day in order to clean. I very rarely do this in my own house, let alone at someone else’s! I’m pretty sure that this was actually the flat where Dyson allow their interns to sleep over, so they’d managed to find a sneaky way of getting the place cleaned for free. Fair play to them!

Still, I was having fun vacuuming so decided to put the big, pink wand on the dirty carpet (not a euphemism). With the cleaner head attached, and to my amazement, the V6 easily sucked up the variety of food and stains all over the rug. I was so impressed that I even channelled a bit of the late, great Freddie Mercury…

I want to break free.. @the_dadventurer #NoCordsAttached

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After heading downstairs for a bit more vacuuming on some other surfaces, the event concluded with the exciting news that we’d all receive a Dyson V6 Total Clean so that we could brush up our cleaning skills at home – keep an eye out for a review of this product in the not too distant future!

You can find out a bit more information about the event on Currys Tech Talk.

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