Frolicking In The Lavender Fields At Hitchin

I rarely do spontaneity, but the other day I displayed a significant amount of reckless abandon – well, for me anyway. It all started from this observation – and subsequent tweet – about lavender fields…

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been someone that likes plans in advance. If we’re arranging to go out at the weekend, I need a few days in advance to mentally prepare for it. The missus and I have had many a disagreement in the past because she has sprung something on me the night before.

As everything with relationships though, she’s learnt to discuss things in advance, whilst I’ve tried to chill out a bit. Compromise. Don’t tell her I said this, but I’m happy to admit that this is my flaw, not hers. Shhh.

So the other day, being the spontaneous and carefree fella that I now am (HA!), I planned a little day trip to the Lavender Farm at Hitchin. As per my tweet, I’ve noticed so many people – particularly parent bloggers – taking photos of their kids frolicking in lavender this year. I’d obviously missed the memo, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to get in on the action.

As the little one is waking early at the moment, we were up, dressed, breakfasted (?) and ready to leave the house just after 9.00am. That never happened before I became a parent – oh how I miss those days. Anyway, I digress. Hitchin is about 45 minutes away from where we live, so we arrived just after it opened at 10.00am. We paid our entrance fee – £4.50 each, under 5’s free – then headed towards the lavender fields.

As we went around a corner, we were greeted by a sea of purple. For someone who has no appreciation for flowers, I’ll admit that it was a pretty cool sight. For a split second, I felt like what I can only assume Alan Titchmarsh feels like when he walks into a garden centre – minus the semi.

We’d been given a couple of bags and pairs of scissors so that we could take cuttings of the lavender as we frolicked. Oh boy how we frolicked! With my ‘proper’ camera in hand, I took as many photos as I could in the hope that some would be Instagrammable. Could I join the elite group of lavender field parent bloggers? Hell yeah I could! Check out these bad boys:

Lavender fields selfie. Great views, but it smells like old people and there’s loads of bees.

A photo posted by The DADventurer (Dave) (@the_dadventurer) on


Frolicking in the lavender at Hitchin.

A photo posted by The DADventurer (Dave) (@the_dadventurer) on

I tried to get Toddler L to sit down, lovingly look at me or giggle with glee whilst surrounded by the purple flowers. She was having none of it though. How the lavender field parent bloggers manage it is beyond my skills and comprehension. I therefore had to settle for back of the head photos or ones of her artily looking away – just like the ones above.

It was funny though – as I looked around, I did see some people who I would have been happy to bet money on that they were bloggers of some variety. The mum who was wearing the same floaty, salmon pink dresses as her daughters was a dead cert, particularly as she was instructing her bored looking husband on how to take the shot she wanted. To be fair, the backdrop was pretty awesome and the weather was spot on – I can see why lavender fields are a bloggers must have photography accessory.

Something the photos don’t show you though is the huge number of bees and the very audible buzzing that they produce. Considering that the missus doesn’t like “buzzy things”, I was lucky to even get her into the lavender fields in the first place. She managed though and we even able to walk the entire length of the fields. All in all, a pretty cool thing to see. The only issue now is that I have hundreds of photos which didn’t make the Instagram cut. I’ll therefore dump them here. Enjoy!

Hitchin Lavender Fields dad and daughter cutting

Hitchin Lavender Fields mum and daughter flying

Hitchin Lavender Fields toddler hidden

Hitchin Lavender Fields mum and daughter

Hitchin Lavender Fields toddler with bag

Hitchin Lavender Fields dad and daughter


Hitchin Lavender Fields mum and daughter holding

Hitchin Lavender Fields toddler smelling

Hitchin Lavender Fields family photo

Have you visited lavender fields before? Do you now consider yourself a proper parent blogger if you have? Let me know below!

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