10 More Ridiculous Reasons Why My Toddler Had A Tantrum

A few months ago, I wrote a post about Toddler L’s tantrums. In the imaginatively named 15 ridiculous reasons why my toddler had a tantrum, I explored some of the laughable situations which caused the sprog to have a shit fit. We’re talking things like me confiscating the tampons she’d found in the bathroom or the time I wouldn’t let her lick the dog. You know, totally normal things that she was well within her right to go mental over…

“Ah, yes, I remember that post Dave, a brilliant read as always – but why are you mentioning it again?”, I hear you ask. Well, the good thing about time and the development of toddlers is that you’re never short of tantrum-related material to write about. Most days, it seems like your little vessel of emotion is ready to spill their tears, anger and frustration over the most pettiest and insignificant things. This serves as a great inspiration for yours truly.

So, without further ado, I thought I’d share 10 more reasons why my toddler had a tantrum. In no particular order, we have:

1) Because I pretended that her new Stick Man was my toy and not hers. She didn’t like that. “Mine Stick Man!”.

2) Because she didn’t like the the fact that Hay closed the kitchen door as she was on an important call and didn’t want toddler disruptions.

3) Because I gave her imaginary Coco Pops and not imaginary Cheerios when we were playing some weird imagination game with her kitchen that didn’t make sense to me. I obviously didn’t know the ‘rules’.

4) Because I wouldn’t get off the chair that she decided that she wanted to sit on, because I was sitting on it.

5) Because I decided to see how many times I could kiss her on the head before she had a tantrum. For reference, the answer is seven.

6) Because I attempted to help her finish the yogurt and granola in her bowl by picking up her spoon. It would appear that she no longer appreciates help of the feeding variety.

7) Because I no longer wanted to pretend that I was a crocodile. At the point that I concluded proceedings, I’d already been a large aquatic reptile for 45 minutes.

8) Because she didn’t see the danger in sitting on her ride on cow as she sat on the settee, and therefore took offence to me politely asking her to come down.

9) Because her Nakd Bar had broken in half after spending all day in my pocket and I was unable to ‘fix it’.

10) Because we couldn’t find Pink Bear – her BFF of the cuddly toy world since we got rid of her comforter – for her to go to sleep with.

So those are ten more reasons why my toddler had a tantrum. Keep your eyes peeled, because I’m pretty sure there’ll be another instalment in the not too distant future! Have you had any recent ridiculous reasons why your toddler has had a shit fit? Let me know below!

  • Tony

    Last night’s tantrum was caused by me (Daddy) getting the green bib out for him and not the orange bib, which he had specifically rejected.

    Last week we had one because I wouldn’t let him put Gruffalo in the bath.

  • Craig

    1. Won’t allow her to squeeze behind the TV unit to play with plug sockets.
    2. Won’t let her eat the fluff out of a teddy bear that’s she’s ripped.
    3. The cat won’t allow her to grab and assault it.
    4. i ask her not to touch and hold every single bottom shelf item in Tesco.
    5. I ask her not to touch a cigarette butt that some kind soul left for her to play with in the park.

  • Ah yes the joys of the tantrum. Our most recent meltdown was over the fact that I *takes deep breath*… stirred his porridge. *GASP* I know right? I’m the worst parent IN THE WORLD! 😉 I am highly impressed by your large aquatic reptile staying power, I think I’d have only managed about 12 minutes. #blogcrush

  • Wendy Hughes

    Haha..kids really do have tantrums over the most ridiculous things. My boy goes crazy if bars break in half too..I’ve been asked to fix a kinder bar on several occasions. This post made me smile. You were chosen by a fellow blogger to be linked up to the #BlogCrush linky ..congrats:)

  • Caroline

    Thomas likes to get on his little rocking elephant on top on the bed,or likes to throw himself around on our bed dangerously close to the edge whilst holding a toothbrush in his mouth that he won’t let me take off him…among other daredevil escapades..

    Life is a constant risk assessment now!!