My BritMums Live 2015 Bloggers’ Keynote Video

A few weeks ago, I went to my first ever blogging conference. I’ve already written about my experience of attending BritMums Live 2015, particularly focussing one why I was only one of 11 dad bloggers to attend an event of 750.

Even though us blokes were outnumbered, I had a great time and met some awesome people. BUT, there was a cloud hanging over me for much of the event. A sort of apprehensive, but excited, cloud which followed me wherever I went like a bad smell. Let me explain.

A week prior to the event, I received an email informing me that one of my blog posts had been nominated and chosen to be read in the Bloggers’ Keynote at BritMums Live. Along with twelve other bloggers, I’d been asked if I would come out from behind my laptop screen, stand-up in front of my peers and read something personal I’d penned.

I was obviously pretty surprised to receive the email and will happily admit that my mind flipped numerous times as to whether I should or shouldn’t take them up on the offer. After thinking it through and weighing up the likelihood of embarrassing myself on stage by doing something like crapping my pants or bursting into tears and calling for my mummy, I replied with a favourable response.

The post which had been chosen was An Open Apology To My 8-Month Old Daughter, which like most of my stuff, is pretty light-hearted and (hopefully) humorous in nature. This gave me some trepidation though – being funny and trying to be funny are two totally different things.

Sure, I think my posts are hilarious and occasionally I get a wry smile from the missus, but failing to get a laugh when reading a ‘funny’ post in front of a few hundred people is the stuff of nightmares. This trepidation was not helped by Emma from Me, The Man And The Kids, who, in the lead up to the Bloggers’ Keynote, labelled me as “someone ‘trying’ to be funny”. Nothing like a confidence boost, eh?!

Having gone for a pre-speech dump, and inadvertently blocking the toilet, the Bloggers’ Keynote was upon us. Wow. Each of the twelve readings before me were great. Each post was fantastic in terms of content and how they were read, particularly as some were on the saddest of topics. I went through a range of emotions from giggling like a school girl to sobbing my eyes out – hardly the best preparation for me taking to the stage.

Having not listened to the advice of sitting close to the stage, it took what felt like 5 minutes to make my way through the chairs and tables once I was called up there. The next five minutes were a bit of a blur, but I felt pretty good and grew in confidence when I got my first laugh – arranging for those extras to be in the audience really paid off!

Obviously being up there, I didn’t really know how it went or how I came across, so thanks to everyone who let me know afterwards that I didn’t do too bad a job. I later found out that all of the Bloggers’ Keynotes were filmed by Nigel Camp, founder of DevilBoy Productions and author of The Video Effect, so I’d been looking forward to watching it back and seeing how I got on myself.

So, if you weren’t able to attend, had to run off early or want to relive my finest blogging moment again, then check out the video below of my Bloggers’ Keynote.

What was your favourite part of BritMums Live? Did you manage to see any of the other readings at the Bloggers’ Keynote?

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