Everything You Need To Know About Scooters Infographic

realise that I’m probably a little premature in my thinking, but now that Toddler L has recently started walking, I can’t wait for her to get involved in some high-octane, kid-related activities. Whereas some parents like to mollycoddle the fruit of their loins, I plan on being the one actively encouraging the sprog to test her limits. Most likely, with me right beside her!

Having done a year or so of pretty boring baby-related stuff, like singing nursery rhymes, watching lights twinkle and blowing bubbles, I’m itching for the day that she can kick a football, execute a backflip on a trampoline or grind down a railing on a skateboard.

We’re not quite at that point yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have one eye on things that I want to get her in the future. A definite purchase will be a scooter – I can just picture her riding up and down our road with a huge grin on her face as the attempts to ollie over the dog.

It was therefore with great interest that I recently saw an infographic from Halfords – reproduced below for your enjoyment – which explains everything you need to know about scooters. Including things like a step-by-step guide to tricks, the different types available and information on the essential equipment needed, it’s certainly given me a lot to think about when getting Toddler L’s future scooter. Have a gander at the guide and let me know what you think.


Halfords_Scooter_Infographic-2 Halfords_Scooter_Infographic-3 Halfords_Scooter_Infographic-4 Halfords_Scooter_Infographic-5

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Halfords, for which I was compensated for my efforts.