Knowing What You Breathe At Home Infographic & Giveaway

I try not to be much of a complainer, but the Winter months haven’t been too kind to me so far. Prior to Christmas I had a cold, I was then out of action for 72 hours from Boxing Day with fever and sickness, then today – when I’m trying to write this post and look after Toddler L – I’ve had a bloody annoying migraine.

For someone who rarely gets ill, I’ve picked up my fair share of ailments over the past month. I don’t know why. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, maybe it’s a result of hanging around with a toddler, maybe it’s impending middle age or maybe the answer lies in indoor allergens.

I tend to think of Summer being the only bad time of the year for allergies with the likes of pollen causing hay fever. However, things like dust mites, pets and mould in the home can be as prevalent during the Winter months and be the main cause of snotty noses, watery eyes and chesty coughs.

This is something that has been explored by clean air enthusiasts uHoo who have created the below informative infographic on the importance of knowing what you breathe at home. Covering things like how the change of season affects allergies, what the common allergy triggers are and how to prevent Winter allergies, I’ve certainly learnt one or two things from this infographic. Have a gander below and let me know what you reckon:

The Importance of Knowing What You Breathe at Home Especially During Winter Uhooair Infographic

uHoo also have a great giveaway running at the moment. The giveaway will see someone each week win an Amazon gift certificate worth USD50 (around £35) and one lucky winner will get a uHoo indoor air quality sensor worth USD299 (around £210) at the end of the giveaway. The sensor allows you to check carbon dioxide, dust, temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide and airborne chemical levels at home via an app on your phone. You can enter the giveaway below.

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with uHoo. N.B. Please note, I am not hosting this competition,  involved in selecting the winners or responsible for providing prizes, I am merely promoting it on behalf of uHoo.