Review: Our New Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav 2.0 TDI Family Car

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing about getting our first family car. It feels a bit odd looking back now, but for the first six months of Toddler L’s life, our only car was a three-door Vauxhall Corsa. This did the job, but it was barely something you could call ‘family-friendly’ with its small size, lack of acceleration and need to put the car seat through the front passenger door.

Since then, we’ve been behind the wheel of quite a few different cars. Two and a bit years ago, we leased a Nissan Juke as our first proper family car, then finally replaced the Corsa with another lease – this time a Citroen Cactus – six months later. Kids really do change things!

It didn’t just stop there though. A combination of blogging opportunities and the missus changing company cars every three months has turned us from car novices into an amateur Top Gear production. During this time, we’ve had the Peugeot 308 GT Line, Peugeot 308 GTi and Audi TTS in our possession through the blog, in addition to an Audi A4 Saloon Sport, and most recently, Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav, via the missus’ work.

With the influx of new cars we’ll be getting – well, as long as the missus isn’t sacked – I thought it’d make sense to do a bit of a ‘series’ looking at these vehicles. I’ll admit, I don’t know much about cars so I’m not going to go into the technical side of things, but I’m able to share the practical features and how we got on with the car from a family perspective. Hopefully that’ll make it useful for other car non-enthusiasts like me.

Before we get on to the written review of the Tiguan SE Nav, here’s a quick vlog I did to show the main features of the car after we’d just got it:

In terms of the specs, our new VW Tiguan is the mid-range SE Nav – which is a trim level focusing on navigation and connectivity technology –  in Pure White exterior colour. It’s a 2.0 TDI 4Motion 150 PS 7-speed DSG 5 door, basically meaning it’s a 7 speed automatic diesel with 5 doors. With the above options, this would set you back £31,270.

This new Tiguan has seen VW step up their game in the SUV market to rival the more expensive alternatives out there. Compared to the old model, this Tiguan is slightly bigger and chunkier, with a (personally speaking) nicer, looking shape. This continues on the inside, with good quality materials, plenty of space and the latest tech. As such, the new Tiguan really is a great family car and we’ve loved having it.

Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav 2.0 TDI front

Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav 2.0 TDI full side

From a driving perspective, it’s the largest family car we’ve had, so it’s taken a bit of time to get used to the size. Once comfortable with it though, it’s been a really nice car to drive. The elevated position from being in a SUV is something we really like, particularly as it gives good visibility. Despite being a bigger car, the 2.0L diesel engine means that it still moves and doesn’t feel particularly sluggish.

Behind the wheel of the Tiguan SE Nav, you have everything you need for a comfortable drive, including the 8.0″ colour touch-screen Discover Navigation System, 3 Zone Climate Control, Cruise Control and Parking Sensors. You’ve also got things like Lane Assist to stop the car drifting out of the lane, as well as Dynamic Light Assist which automatically dips your full beams. As such, a large part of your driving can be ‘automated’, which I personally found allows me to focus more on the road.

Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav 2.0 TDI drivers seat

I found the infotainment system to be really powerful on the SE Nav. Not only does it have the navigation system, but also things like live traffic delays, DAB radio and ability to connect devices via Bluetooth to play music. Not only this, but there are so many options to customise you’re car – so things like setting up user profiles and even changing how bright the light is in the footwell.

The Tiguan is definitely the most spacious car we’ve had. It feels really roomy and comfortably fits five people – or three and two car seats. From a storage perspective, in addition to the things you’d expect like a glove box and in door storage, the Tiguan has under seat drawers in the front, a front armrest, folding tables on the back of the front seats and a parcel shelf. The boot has a huge 615 litre capacity, which can be increased to 1,655 by folding down the back seats.

Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav 2.0 TDI interior front

Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav 2.0 TDI interior back seats

Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav 2.0 TDI Boot space

So that’s a quick review of our Tiguan SE Nav. We’ve really enjoyed owning this car and have very little to complain about. In fact, due to the lead time in ordering cars with the missus’ work, we’ve decided to get another Tiguan later in the year. The only difference is that this will be the SEL, which is one trim level up from the SE Nav. As such, we’ll have the benefit of things like Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Info Display, a panoramic sunroof and even front seats with a massage function!