12-Week Ultrasound Scan: Beating Hearts Baby

12-week ultrasound scan time today, although it’s more like 14-weeks due to the mix up between the midwives and hospital. Having already had an emergency scan at the beginning of February, Hay and I were definitely more relaxed when it came to this ultrasound. We’d had no problems since that awful day back in January, so […]

Yabba Dabba Doo!

We’ve just got back from the hospital and everything is OK! Man, the last 24 hours have been an emotional roller-coaster… We went to the hospital this morning for an emergency scan. Having had the night to sleep on it, we’d come to the acceptance that the baby was gone. Imagine our elation when the Sonographer gelled […]

Is An Octopus More Accurate Than A Doctor?

We went to the Doctors today. Having found out Hayley was pregnant two days ago, it felt like we should tell someone. Who better to confide in than a trained medical professional? Having only done one pregnancy test, I still wasn’t 100% convinced that my little swimmers had done the job they were created for. […]

Positively Uncertain – I’m Going To Be A Dad!

I’m going to be a dad…the positive pregnancy test confirmed it. It’s such a surreal feeling. A cocktail of feelings all fighting with each other in my head and heart, ranging from joy and elation to nervousness and pant-shitting scaredness! I’ve successfully deposited in the bank of love and my interest is starting to grow… But […]