Celebrating Real Dogs For Being Real Dogs (Plus Wagg Foods Giveaway)

He may not take centre stage that regularly on the blog, but our miniature sausage dog Dax is always on the periphery. I’ve never been one of those people to call him a “Furbaby” or say that we’re his “HuMum and HuDad” *shudders* but he’s an important part of the family nonetheless. If you’ve ever wondered what that weird, long, black shape is on my Instagram photos – like here and here – chances are that’s him.

Approaching the ripe old age of four – or nearly 32 in human years according to this calculator – he’s been with us since he was an eight-week old puppy. After being ‘bullied’ into getting a dog by the missus, we had our heart set on a black and tan, long-haired miniature dachshund – so much so that we did a six-hour round trip to Dover when we picked him up. Much like a baby, having a dog hasn’t been easy, but the benefits outweigh all of those little annoyances!

Dax as a 10 week old puppy – cutest dog ever?

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Since he joined our pack, he’s been on plenty of family days out with us and the majority of our holidays are dog-friendly so that he can come along. He may not look like much of a dog with his tiny legs, overly long body and pretty features descending from a former Crufts winner, but he’s way more than just a lapdog.

What he lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in grit, determination and personality. After all, how many sausage dogs do you know who have climbed up waterfalls and scaled big hills? Exactly. In a way, he – and other dachshunds – definitely have the dog equivalent of short man syndrome.

So when Wagg Foods got in touch asking if we wanted to get involved in their latest real dogs campaign, it sounded right up our street. After all, Dax is one of the many real dogs – which often means accepting the good and the bad! In a world of diamond-encrusted collars, doggy spas, expensive dog clothes and pretentious food, Wagg want to celebrate the real things dogs do and reward them for being the lovable mutts that they are. They’ve even created a real dogs video you can watch here.

Celebrating Real Dogs For Being Real Dogs Plus Wagg Foods Giveaway dax at bodmin moor

So what better way to celebrate Dax being one of the real dogs than to list some of the things that make him the dog that he is. Sure, I could leave out the annoying and disgusting things that he does, but let’s be honest, that’s all part and parcel of life with a dog. Here goes:

  • He regularly has a ‘tasty’ snack of deer poo when we’re walking in the woods near our house.
  • Without fail, he will bark whenever the doorbell rings. Oh, and when someone runs up the stairs a bit too fast.
  • He has an ‘excited wee’ whenever someone visits the house and strokes him. As such, we have to make people stroke him outside so that he doesn’t piss on the floor.
  • Despite the missus telling me that sausage dogs don’t really moult, we often find the equivalent of half a dog under the settee.
  • He only likes ‘controlled’ fun. If Toddler L and I get a bit rowdy – jumping on the sofa, chasing each other etc – then he barks to show his disdain.
  • When he wants attention, he prods your leg with his snout until you succumb. If you move your leg out of the way, he’ll move into a position where he can just stare at you until you succumb.
  • We spend a lot of time picking sticks, plants, mud etc out of his fur and tail due to his low ground clearance. As such, the weather often dictates where he goes for his walks to minimise grubbiness!
  • He loves a good lie down and has a knack of finding the smallest areas of sun to sleep in.
  • For a hound, he has an appalling sense of smell and regularly misses food dropped by the toddler. This includes food that’s actually fallen on his back.
  • For whatever reason, he’s comfortable when Toddler L and I sneeze, but he barks when Hay sneezes.
  • He won’t go outside to go to the toilet when it’s raining. He much prefers to just hold it in until the weather is better.
  • He’s at his most happiest when he’s curled up in the evening between the missus and I on the sofa.
  • Due to his long body, when he runs at pace, he gets a bit of a sway on and looks like he’s lost control of his rear end. This is not too dissimilar to a bendy bus going too fast around a corner.
  • He’s definitely a ‘people dog’ rather than a ‘dog dog’. He loves interaction with humans but has no interest whatsoever in other dogs.
  • We’ve discovered that he sets off the sensor on the passenger car seat when he’s got a bit fat. When he’s at his ideal weight, he can sit on the seat with no consequences, but if he’s a little porky, then we have to do up the seat belt to stop the sensor going off.
  • He loves his food and will often have a ‘protest sick’ if he’s not fed on time.
  • He’s not a fan of the wind on his ridiculously long ears, so will often ‘death roll’ as he attempts to bring them back under control.
  • I’m sure he was a contortionist in a previous life. He sleeps in some really weird positions, including my personal favourite which involves him balancing the end of his snout on the floor.
  • When people meet him for the first time – the vet, the groomer etc – they will always describe him as “a very licky dog”.
  • Despite enduring a lot of abuse from Toddler L – which we obviously try to minimise – he has always seen her as part of the pack and will always protect her.

Although that’s a pretty big list, those are just *some* of the reasons which make Dax one of the many real dogs. It’s funny – it’s not until you get a pet that you realise that they have their own little personalities and quirks which define who they are. All in all, he’s a great little pooch and we wouldn’t have it any other way – which includes the good, the bad and the ugly!

Celebrating Real Dogs For Being Real Dogs Plus Wagg Foods Giveaway Sandy dax


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N.B. This is a commissioned post written in collaboration with Wagg Foods.