5 Tips When Planning A Babymoon

The things I’ve learnt since becoming an expectant – and then an actual – dad are staggering. Nipple confusion, anyone?! Parenting opens up an entirely different world of terms, concepts and knowledge that you don’t comprehend until you know there’s a bun in the oven. Take something like a ‘babymoon’.

You may think that a babymoon happens when a daddymoon and mummymoon love each other very much and decide to have a special cuddle – if so, you’d be wrong. The term babymoon has actually changed meaning over the years. It was originally coined by childbirth educator and author Sheila Kitzinger to describe the uninterrupted, alone time parents need to bond with their baby in the days after birth.

However, babymoon is now more synonymous with a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents before the baby is born. With both celebrities and travel companies getting in on the action, it’s hardly surprising that these pre-baby jaunts are becoming more common – much in the same way as other relatively new baby-related phenomena like cake smashes or push presents.

Although I find things like staged birth announcements or gender reveal parties a little cringeworthy (apologies!), a babymoon is something I can totally get on board with. After all, who doesn’t like a holiday? In fact, we actually went on a babymoon ourselves when the missus was pregnant with Toddler L. Or should that be Bump L?


If you’re interested in where we went and what we did on our babymoon, then mosey on over to the brand new babymoon hub from Compare The Market which features yours truly AND Giovanna Fletcher. As well as my babymoon story, there’s loads of other practical advice and information related to travelling abroad and in the UK while expecting.

Anyway, back to this post. Having been on just the one babymoon, I can’t claim to be an expert. However, I did learn one or two things when preparing for, and going on, our pre-baby jolly. I therefore thought I’d share a couple of tips to consider when babymooning:

1) Don’t Delay: If you’re thinking about going on a babymoon, just book it and go. If you leave it late – i.e. well into the third trimester – she might struggle with tiredness or be in pain. Plus, your break could be unexpectedly interrupted by a baby making an early appearance…

2) Plan The Itinerary: This is your last break before becoming parents. The last thing you want is arguments to ruin it all, so try to agree on everything up front. If your missus wants a relaxing spa break but you’re planning on taking her up Ben Nevis (not a euphemism), there could be some heated disagreements which taints the break.

3) Enjoy Being Together: Your life – and relationship – is going to change massively in a few weeks / months time. Enjoy being a couple whilst you can and living your life as a two-some. You’ll have 18+ years to wait before you can do it again!

4) Rest And Relax: The next few years will be lived in a zombie-like state of tiredness. Your life will revolve solely around a little person. Don’t be afraid to take it easy whilst you can – have a lie-in, order room service, read a book whilst sunbathing, go for a leisurely stroll, have a massage etc.

5) Be Prepared: Pregnancy is complicated and something could happen when you’re not at home, be it the onset of early labour or worrying pains. It’s therefore a good idea to take your maternity notes with you and do a bit of homework. Where is the nearest hospital? Do you need insurance if travelling abroad etc?

So those are a few of my babymoon tips should you be considering getting away before your kid pops into the world. Have you considered a babymoon? Have you already had one with a previous child? If so, where did you go? Let me know below!

Remember to check out the Compare The Market babymoon hub for all things babymooning. You can have a gander here.

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Compare The Market.