Our Birth Story: The Baby Of Wall Street

Here’s our birth story!

After a nice day with friends, we’d just finished our tea and sat down to spend the evening watching a film. Fast forward just 3.5 hours and Hay and I are parents, whilst The Wolf Of Wall Street remains half watched!

That is right, I’m a dad! What an experience, particularly as it seems that the missus is a birthing machine! I’ll fill you in with all the details and my thoughts at another time, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a short update whilst the wife, baby and dog sleep.

It was around 10pm and Hay got a really bad pain. We both breathed through it and shook it off as a Braxton Hicks contraction. Just five minutes later, Hay had another one, then five minutes later another. That’s when I realised she was in labour.

We’d been told at the NCT classes to hold on as long as possible before going to hospital, but Hay was in serious pain. We rang the midwife who advised to come in, grabbed our bags, dropped the keys with next door and arranged for a friend to look after Dax in the morning.

We got to he hospital at 12am as the contractions became more frequent – around every two to three minutes. We got to the hospital and Hayley went ‘into the zone’. She barely spoke and just cracked on. She was awesome.

We were told that it was a full moon which made everything go a bit crazy, and that was certainly the case. It was really busy in there with four other woman in labour, which meant that a midwife didn’t see us until 45 minutes after arriving.

It became evident that Hayley was getting close and needed to push, which she did with all her might. By just after 1.30am, Baby L was with us, happily suckling on mum’s boob and weighed in at 5 pounds 14 ounces.

The baby had delayed cord clamp, plenty of skin to skin and slept next to Hay all night as the adrenaline surged through our bodies!

In just 3.5 hours, we’d gone from a normal Sunday evening watching a film to becoming parents. The midwives were in shock, as were we. They did warn us about the full moon!

Everything went perfectly though. Hayley and Baby L are fine, I was able to stay the night, and we are home within 12 hours.

So that’s our birth story. Here’s a couple of photos:

Baby L DADventurer

Baby L