12-Week Ultrasound Scan: Beating Hearts Baby

12-week ultrasound scan time today, although it’s more like 14-weeks due to the mix up between the midwives and hospital.

Having already had an emergency scan at the beginning of February, Hay and I were definitely more relaxed when it came to this ultrasound. We’d had no problems since that awful day back in January, so we went into the scan excited but also pretty calm having been through the process before. I feel for expectant parents that have had to wait this long to see the fruit of their loins.

It also meant that we could enjoy it more. I can’t remember much about the emergency ultrasound, only the stress and fear beforehand, which made way for relief and solace afterwards. That’s not to say that I wasn’t scared though. You only get to see the baby in mum a couple of times during the pregnancy. The rest of the time you just assume everything is developing as it should.

It’s a horrible thought, but there was something in the back of my mind wondering what we’d do if baby was no longer OK. Imagine the gut-wrenching feeling of going into a scan thinking that the baby is all good, only to find that his / her little heart is no longer beating. An awful thought but one that I don’t think will leave me until the baby has popped out.

It’s a very strange thing looking at a grainy image on the screen and thinking that you’ve made that. I watched on in silence as the Sonographer did her thing to make little images of an alien-like being wiggle around on screen. We also got to hear the heartbeat this time. A huge thud-thud, thud-thud boomed out through the speakers making it even more surreal that the noise could come from something so small.

Beating hearts baby 12-week ultrasound scan 2nd Baby Scan

The Sonographer also confirmed that the baby was further along than we were currently working to, although we did have an inclination after the emergency ultrasound. Rather than 14-weeks, our little bundle of joy is actually 17-weeks.

I’ve heard that children can eat away at your time, but this is ridiculous…In the space of 20-minutes, the sprog has gone from being a September baby to being a late August one.

N.B. Whilst writing this post about a baby’s heartbeat, it reminded me of one of my favourite songs that takes me back to rock clubs at Uni. Enjoy!