Documenting The Evidence: Final Update

The event we’ve been working towards came in the early hours of Monday evening as Baby L was born in very quick time thanks to the excellent birthing skills of the missus! That now means we’ve come to the end of the pregnancy photos we’ve been taking every day since we found out Hay was pregnant. Sob Sob!

In a previous post, I wrote about how we’ve been documenting the evidence by taking a photo of Hay and the Bump every day so that we can see how much our little girl is growing. The first update was on 20th March, the second update was on 20th April, the third update was on May 20th and the fourth update was on July 20th. This is the fifth and final update, bringing us to the end of one story but the beginning of another!

The photo at the top of the post shows the first photo (left) which was taken on 20th January, the second photo (centre) which was taken the day before the birth and the third photo (right) which was taken when we got home with Little L on 11th August.

Below we have the full progression from Bump to Baby going from 20th January through to 11th August.

Hay progression Jan to Birth