Documenting The Evidence: Update 4

In a previous post, I wrote about how we’ve been documenting the evidence by taking a photo every day so that we can see how much our wee lassy is growing inside her cocoon of love. The first update was on 20th March, the second update was on 20th April, the third update was on May 20th and the fourth update is here.

The crazy thing is that this COULD be the last update. The baby is currently breech, which means that she is being an awkward little madam by currently sitting the wrong way round. Unless she spins around – or unless she is forced to move by a doctor / midwife – the likelihood is that Hay will have a C-section.

The first photo (left) was taken on 20th January and the second photo was taken tonight (right).

As a bonus, here is a photo showing the progress over the duration of the pregnancy on a monthly basis.

Hay Progression July

The evolution of the Bump