Documenting The Evidence

One of the things we’ve been keen to do is keep track of the Bump as he/she develops. Not just the odd photo here or there, but properly document the growth on a daily basis. We’ve therefore started taking three daily photos – one of Hay looking face on, one of her turned to the left and another of her facing the right. The plan is then to put together a slideshow of these daily images so we can see the progress over the nine months. Pretty cool eh?

Well, I thought it was until we started doing it! Not only am I somewhat of a perfectionist so it really irritates me that I can’t capture the missus in the exact same position each day, but it is also surprisingly difficult to remember to do it every night before we head off to bed.

Also, I thought I had a pretty unique idea which not many other people would go to the effort of doing. That was until I saw a video called “From Bump to Buzz” pop up on Facebook. The video in question is Tom Fletcher of McFly and McBusted fame and his wife doing the exact same thing. The only difference being that he blows my idea completely out of the water as the talented git has only gone and written and performed a song to go along with it.

To be fair, the video is pretty awesome, but I can’t quite help feeling it’s taken a bit of the shine off my attempts – after all, I don’t quite have the necessary talents or resources to create something so slick. What hope is there for normal guys with the likes of Tom around setting the bar so high!

Still, my efforts will definitely be worth it in the end and it should be something pretty cool to show said Bump in the future. That’s even if my video looks like a series of mugshots where the perp slowly gets bigger and more grumpier as time progresses!

If you’ve not seen it, check out Tom and Giovanna’s cool video of Buzz coming into the world. To infinity… and beyond, sorry…