Over Before It’s Started?

Any excited and joyous feelings about the pregnancy took a massive tumble down to earth today as the missus came home early from work in tears.

After consoling her for a few minutes, she explained that she’d had a pretty heavy bleed.


Both of our heads were spinning. What did it mean? What should we do?

Not always the most sensible of things to do when it comes to medical issues, we Googled “bleeding during pregnancy”. As you’d expect, the advice was somewhat mixed. We read that bleeding – or spotting – is common during pregnancy, but it can also be a bad sign, particularly if you’re less than 12 weeks pregnant.

The truth is that I was gutted. Despite what I’d read, any signs of blood surely can’t be a good thing, particularly when described as “heavy”.

I rang the midwife and she told us to go to A&E straight away.

In the car, we talked about what it could mean. We both tried to put on a brave face. We tried to console ourselves with the fact that we got pregnant quickly and without any issues, that we are both still young and have time, and that a bleed doesn’t necessarily mean a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. We talked a good talk, but we were gutted and both feared the worst.

After waiting just over an hour in A&E, we saw a doctor. She asked us a few questions, took a urine sample and had a feel of the wife’s stomach. She reassured us that bleeding was common and booked us in for an emergency scan tomorrow morning.

We left the hospital a little happier but still pretty downbeat.

It’s going to be a long night…