Finding Han Solo In Our 4D Scan

It may still feel far, far away, but the truth is that it’s only a couple of months from now. Hay reached 31-weeks yesterday and we “celebrated” by going to a 4D ultrasound scan that we’d bought a while ago. We’d ummed and aahed about whether to get a 4D scan considering the cost is well over £100, however having done it, we’re very pleased we did. An added bonus is that we found it on Groupon which meant we got it for a bargain £60 and was able to bring my brother along for the entertainment!

Despite having an additional 2D ultrasound scan already compared to most other expectant parents due to the emergency scan we had earlier in the pregnancy, it struck me as a bit odd that from 20-weeks through to the actual birth, you may not ever see the sprog inside her temporary home again. How do you know she’s developing as she should be if you can’t see her? A tape measure over the missus’ stomach when with the midwife doesn’t feel the most technically advanced method for measuring progress.

The 4D scan was therefore a nice additional catchup with the little one and gave us something nice to look forward to over recent weeks. Whereas the usual 2D scans at the hospital do the job medically, the 4D scan gives you so much more detail of the baby. Time is the extra dimension, which enables you to see the baby physically move in 3D. This means you can see her facial expressions change, movement of the hands, or in our case, the little wookie chewing on her umbilical cord.

It was the exact same process as the 2D ultrasound scan at the hospital, only it was in nicer surroundings and we got to sit on a settee. The benefits of going private, eh? We were in there for probably 45-minutes or so in total as the Sonographer used her jedi-like skills on Hay’s stomach to find the baby and begin recording the footage.

The first thing that struck me was how much our baby looked like Han Solo in Star Wars. You know, at the end of “The Empire Strikes Back” when Solo is frozen in carbonite and sent to Jabba the Hut’s lair before being freed by Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the sequel. Someone told us that a 4D scan looked like the baby had been covered in wax, but I much prefer my analogy.

Looking up at the screen and seeing my little baby move around was incredible. Hay’s experienced a fair bit of outside the bump activity in the form of little movements recently, but seeing inside the bump and watching what she’s up to is fascinating. Despite being prodded, poked and moulded for a fair length of time, both baby and mum enjoyed the experience – the little troopers!

4D Scan

Han Solo or our baby? Difficult to tell…

It was a feeling of galactic proportions watching the footage. As usual, I just sat there in awe looking at the screen as she frowned and pulled faces, whilst thinking “I am your father”. The utterly crazy thing is knowing that when the little ewok escapes from Tatooine, she’ll look pretty much the same as the images we got today. That means that we actually know what she looks like. Mental.

The package we bought gave us a DVD recording, a printed out photo and additional images on a CD. The Sonographer also checked measurements and gave us a well being report which we can give to the midwife. It was also confirmed that she is a she, which is a pretty good job considering all of the pink things we’ve bought!

N.B. There may be one or two Star Wars references in there. How many can you find? I count at least eight…

  • I prefer your analogy too! Any time you can connect something to Star Wars, it’s a good thing. The baby is beautiful. Congrats!

    • Dave

      Thanks Justin! Great advice – I’m planning on always bringing it back to cult films, superheroes, football, food or women. I think that covers all bases 🙂

    • Cheers Dan. Yeah it came to me whilst I was watching the baby move around – I had to contain the chuckle! The missus showed me a 3D HD scan the other day. They are even clearer and more defined. Technology eh?!

  • Great analogy! A 4D scan wasn’t for us but they are pretty amazing 🙂 #FamilyFriday

    • Thanks Stacey – yeah we weren’t too sure about it, but we thought that we’d maybe regret it if we didn’t do it. Plus, the Groupon definitely helped sway our decision! 🙂

  • First of all — congratulations!

    Second of all, as a stepdad who never really felt the need to spawn before, this is the FIRST argument for offspring that hits me right in my maker brain. Can you imagine a series of 3D-printed scans? It’d be like a baby book but a TERRIFYING DIORAMA INSTEAD. I love it.

    And finally, what in the hell are Ewoks doing on Tatooine?

    Glad to have discovered your blog!

    • Hi Trevor – thanks for the congrats! Haha, pleased to have maybe helped sway your thought process. Ok, you’ve got me – maybe not all of my references were accurate! Or I could just pretend that that’s where the little fellas go on holiday. Yes, let’s go with that. They were on holiday.

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  • Tom @Ideas4Dads

    Love the Han Solo reference 🙂 we were exactly the same in that between wk 20 and birth its a long way to wait. We did it with all 3 and put all our scans in a frame which looks great 🙂

    • Dave

      Awesome. So much better than the normal 2D, and as you say, nice to know that everything is ok in between 20 weeks and birth! 🙂

    • Cheers Tom – agree, nice to have a little checkup half way between 20 week scan and birth to make sure everything is still ok!

  • Keri Jones

    Ahh how lovely, I wish we’d had a 4D scan but we wanted to move so had to save the pennies. Do you ever sit and watch the DVD now she is here? x

    • Yeah, we enjoyed it but it is pricey if there are other things you’re needing to save for! Lol, no we don’t – we watched a few minutes of it once, but to be fair, it was pretty boring (not sure if I should say that!). But, we’ve got it for ever now so I’m sure it’ll make an appearance when Baby L is older.

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