Converse With Daddy And Bump

We met up with some friends today and they gave us possible the greatest gift ever! No, not quite a sports car or an all expenses paid holiday – we’re still waiting for that – but something even better.

A pair of tiny purple Converse! What makes these small pieces of fabric and rubber the best gift ever I hear you ask? Well, the answer to that conundrum is the fact that they exactly match a pair of Cons which I own.

I’ve always been a big fan of Cons, even to the extend that my Best Man, Ushers and I each wore a pair of purple Cons on my wedding day. Maybe not to everybody’s liking – the man who fitted our suits looked somewhat unimpressed – but I like to think they looked pretty cool with the purple colour scheme on the day.

Check out the matching daddy and bump Converse All Star double tongue trainers below, also featuring a photobombing sausage dog.

Matching Purple Converse