Comparing Baby L With Her 4D Scan Photo

Back at the end of June, I wrote about our experience of going for a 4D ultrasound scan which reminded me of a Carbonited Han Solo. This was a pretty cool and emotional encounter in which we got to see a 3D Baby L (or should that be Foetus L?) whilst she was still aboard the mothership.

We were also able to walk away with a few photos of the little one which were great, as well as a DVD of her ‘best bits’ from the session, although truth be told, the DVD was pretty boring and definitely lacked a plot. Still, a nice little keepsake.

Since Baby L came into the world and escaped her womb prison, we’ve not really thought much about the photos we got from the 4D scan. That was until we were sat on the sofa on Saturday looking through some old photos on the laptop.

In a weird coincidence, twist of fate or whatever you want to call it, we stumbled across the 3D photos from the session at the same time that Baby L turned and snuggled into my arm / chest. That’s when it struck us that a 15 week old Baby L looked remarkably like a 31 week old Foetus L.

That is hardly surprising as she is the same person, but remarkable nonetheless in my opinion. We always knew a little person was inside the missus, but it’s crazy thinking that the thing in there is the thing that is now out here. The fact that the baby comes out looking like they did in the womb is obvious but also mind-blowing.

Out of interest, I decided to put the two photos side-by-side to show how similar the 4D scan is to real life. Apart from the nose looking slightly bigger in the 4D scan, Foetus L and Baby L look remarkably similar despite there being a gap of five months between the two photos. The pink muslin cloth also worked perfectly as a replica placenta.

I’m not going to get all religious or political or whatever, but it does make you realise that abortion does involve prematurely ending a life, particularly when the baby’s features are developed relatively early when inside the mothership. Anyway, that debate is for another time and for another blog!

The fact that we can see that Baby L is Baby L when we compare her life as a prisoner to life on the outside is pretty mind-blowing. They say prison changes people, but it doesn’t seem to have done so in Baby L’s case!

Can you see a resemblance between the photos, or are these just the words of a doting Dad? Did you have a 4D scan and could you see a resemblance when your little one was born?