The Next Rachel Yankey?

A few people have asked recently whether I mind that we are having a girl, not a boy, considering how integral football is as both my job and pastime. The truth is that I genuinely couldn’t care either way – it may sound like a cliché, but the most important thing is that the baby is healthy.

Anyway, no matter what gender, I’m sure I can still coax them into having a kickabout in the garden, particularly as babies are pretty good at dribbling…

And, let’s be honest, having a girl will give me a greater chance of fathering an England international footballer anyway!

  • Dave

    Hey Tom, thanks for the comment. Sounds like a good philosophy – I’m hoping that we become parents that aren’t too “pushy” and we just let the kid decide what they do and don’t want to do etc. As you say, might become more difficult if they are veering off slightly though, for instance, I can imagine the mother-in-law pushing the baby into the Blue of Man City…

  • Keri Jones

    I’m a footy mad mum so I’m sure it wont matter at all that you’re having a girl 🙂 x

    • Keri Jones

      *you’ve had a girl

      • Exactly! Keen to not have gender stereotypes in our house too. If Baby L likes football, comics etc then that’s fine. If she doesn’t then that’s cool too!

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