The Onset Of Nesting: Sorting Out Toddler L’s Old Baby Clothes

We always had plans for a second kid. Obviously not everything can be planned when it comes to conceiving, but all being well, we saw ourselves with two children. As such, we’ve literally thrown nothing away from the days when Toddler L was Baby L. The assumption was that we may need it again in this hypothetical two offspring scenario, so everything has been squirrelled away for the future.

Well, that future is now. With the news that the missus is pregnant again, we’ve started to try to get our shit into order. Some may call this the onset of early nesting. I’d prefer to call it dealing with the heap of crap we dumped in every conceivable space in the house. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

The loft probably demonstrates this the best. I boarded the attic a few years ago to make a bit more storage space, but it soon was overtaken with a plethora of baby-related items. We’re talking the likes of a Moses basket, a baby bath, a pushchair carrycot, toys, books, a baby bouncer and multiple bags of clothes.

The Onset Of Nesting Sorting Out Toddler L's Old Baby clothes full attic

This is all stuff we’ve kept in case we need it, but who knows whether we actually will. Worst case scenario is that we’ve taken up space for a few years, then will get rid of it next year when we decide we no longer need it. Best case scenario is that we reuse everything and our hoarding technique paid off perfectly. Who knows though.

After all, this is a new experience for us. Obviously, when the missus was pregnant with L, we didn’t have any existing baby stuff. Everything we bought was because we’d decided that we needed it or some book / website / person told us that we needed it. So, on the assumption that raising a kid hasn’t dramatically changed in the last few years, we should be pretty much set and not need too many new things.

Before we get to the point of deciding what new stuff we need though, there’s the matter of sorting out the existing stuff – aka nesting. So, the other day, we decided to tackle all of the clothes that have been bagged up when they’ve no longer fitted Toddler L. I managed to find six big bags which I brought down from the attic. We then started to methodically sort them into ‘charity shop’ and ‘keep’ piles – the latter going into some big storage containers we’d bought.

The Onset Of Nesting Sorting Out Toddler L's Old Baby clothes pile of clothes

Although it was pretty bloody boring and repetitive, it was actually a nice stroll down memory lane. We reminisced over the old clothes that Toddler L had previously worn – both those that we liked, those that we couldn’t remember and those that she had to wear because they’d been bought by a relative. We even found her old magical neverending trousers.

To alleviate a bit of boredom, we (unsuccessfully) tried to get a now 3-year old to fit into some of the ‘tiny baby’ clothes she once wore. Toddler L’s always been on the small side, but you kind of forget just how small she was when she popped out at 5lb 14oz. Some of the clothes looked like they were more befitting of a doll, not an actual human.

The Onset Of Nesting Sorting Out Toddler L's Old Baby Stuff toddler holding old baby clothes

It took a good few hours, but we finally got to a point where we had three containers of hand-me-downs and two bags of stuff for charity. It’s unlikely that that’s all of the clothes sorting done though. This was literally a first pass to get rid of stuff we knew we didn’t want – poonami stained babygrows, clothes with tags because we didn’t like them first time around and items which had too much association with Toddler L.

Nearer the time – and once we’re more informed – we’ll probably want to give the stuff another look at. I’m all for kids being able to wear anything and colours not defining gender, but I’d probably draw the line at putting my potential lad in a sparkly pink sleepsuit which reads “I’m Mummy’s Pretty Lil Princess”. Although, to be fair, anything like that should already be in the charity bag!

When did you start nesting? Did you keep much of your baby stuff from previous kids as hand-me-downs? Let me know below!