Positively Uncertain – I’m Going To Be A Dad!

I’m going to be a dad…the positive pregnancy test confirmed it. It’s such a surreal feeling. A cocktail of feelings all fighting with each other in my head and heart, ranging from joy and elation to nervousness and pant-shitting scaredness! I’ve successfully deposited in the bank of love and my interest is starting to grow…

But what if the test was inaccurate? That can happen, right? Hayley didn’t pick up one of the fancy, expensive tests. In her wisdom she decided to do a bit of penny-pinching and get two for a quid from Poundland. That surely means there is more room for error, right? Should we use the other test in the box to make sure it’s still positive? Oh, I forgot, we can’t, the missus has already ruined that one by pissing on the wrong end of the stick…

This is what we wanted though – we are happily married, own a house and have enough money in the coffers – however, the news is slightly earlier than expected. After all, Hay only came off the pill at the end of November and we thought there would be at least three months before her insides got themselves back to their pre-contraceptive state.

Maybe I’m just that virile. A prized stud with a powerful product that can breakthrough even the strongest of defences. King Leonidas eat your heart out! THIS IS SPARTA!

Positvely uncertain positive pregnancy test I'm going to be a dad Leonidas Statue

Anyway, enough of that. Back to the task at hand. What do we do? Who do we tell? What will this change? So many questions but no answers.

Join me on my adventure as I journey through the stresses, strains and everything else that lies ahead for an expectant dad.

Whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll prove to be epic…

Featured Image From Ernesto Andrade Via Flickr