A Clichéd Pregnancy Announcement – We’re Having A Second!

Yup, you’ve read that correctly. We have some exciting news – the missus is pregnant! That can only mean one thing – a clichéd pregnancy announcement…although I’m not sure how clichéd it can be without photos of us making a heart on the missus’ belly with our hands, lining different sized shoes up or posing with a piss-soaked pregnancy test. Still, I’ll give it a go.

The awesome news is that Toddler L is going to be a big sister for the first time, we’re going to become parents again and Dax is likely to spend the rest of his days tormented by little people. Just as it feels like we’ve survived the baby and early toddler days relatively unscathed, we’re throwing ourselves right back in the deep end. Gluttons for punishment, or what?! I jest, of course – we’d always planned for a second so it’s great that those plans are coming to fruition.

To give you the main headlines, we’re currently 12+5 with an expected due date of mid-Feb 2018. The missus came off the pill in April (TMI?) and found out she was pregnant in June – just like the first time with Toddler L, it happened much quicker than we anticipated. I’ve never felt so manly with my virile and macho swimmers making quick work of the job – although, on reflection, “quick” isn’t really a word you want to use when talking about sexual relations.

I won’t labour (geddit!) too much on this point as I want this to be a positive post, but this pregnancy hasn’t been an easy ride so far. This subsequent post about our first trimester goes into more detail about the uncertainty, stress and worry during the last weeks and months. However, the good thing is that we’ve crossed that all-important 12-week checkpoint and should be able to start enjoying being preggers as we think about the future.

So, as is customary with a clichéd pregnancy announcement blog post, here’s a grainy photo from our 12-week ultrasound scan. *Cue fawning, gushing and exaggerated public displays of affection*

A Clichéd Pregnancy Announcement We're Having A Second 12 week scan ultrasound photo

  • Hannah Collins


  • I’m so pleased for you all x

  • David Starkie


  • GorgeousGeorgesMama

    Congrats to you and the missus. I’m all for cliché announcements 😍😜

  • Nige

    Congrats to you all fantastic news

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Daniel Keen

    Who doesn’t like a piss-soaked pregnancy test picture on social media. Congratulations to you both!

  • Martina Pichova

    Congratulations! It’s more fun with two…

  • Gareth Torrance

    Congratulation! Also, that whole “quick” comment made me nearly spill my drink… We’re still going through the toddler phase with my daughter, so I don’t think we’re ready for a second… But man, that’s awesome! And I’m not ashamed to admit that I audibly said “aww” at that photo.

    • Thanks mate – haha, well it’s true, no-one wants to be known as “quick”.

      • Gareth Torrance

        Hah! That is very true 😀 Except maybe Usain Bolt…