Why Is Pregnancy Like The Football World Cup?

Being a football lover, I don’t think I could forgive myself if I didn’t write about the World Cup. Rather than pencil my thoughts on the early exit of England, the exceptional team performance of Germany or how it has been the best World Cup ever, I thought I’d attempt to put a footy spin on my pregnancy musings.

I may be way off the mark having not yet experienced the joys of birth and raising a baby – Hayley is nearly 34 weeks at the moment – but I’m pretty confident it will be the same roller coaster ride that I experienced during the tournament in Brazil. The parallels between pregnancy and football are closer than we may have once envisaged:

  • Before The Event: It’s the only thing that is talked about. You discuss it with your friends, your family and even random strangers when at the pub. You can’t escape the subject. It’s all that you hear about, even if you don’t actually like it. No matter where you go, people will ask for your opinion and will give you theirs. All of a sudden people have become experts even if they have shown no interest previously. It’s all you think about. It becomes all encompassing and takes over your life. You prepare by reading magazines and watching TV shows on the event. You buy new stuff which only adds to the pressure, stress and excitement that you are feeling. You become increasingly aware of when it should start and ensure that you aren’t too far away in case you miss the beginning. It has been a long time coming, but you know that it will soon be here.


  • During The Event: It is finally here! You grab your bags and dash to where you’re going to watch it. All the preparation is thrown out of the window as you are engulfed in a flood of emotion. From nervous to excited and happy to scared, your body is awash with feelings. You cannot think straight. You cannot talk. All you can do is take in the wondrous event unfolding in front of your eyes. Some people you recognise, others you don’t. Either way, you watch as they demonstrate their superior skills and ability as you watch on in awe. Phrases such as “So close”, “Come on” and “Get in there” may escape from your mouth as you provide all of the support you can muster. The climatic finale is reached to a symphony of colours and noise. You celebrate by taking your shirt off. A tear runs down your cheek as you hug those around you in elation.


  • After The Event: You’re shell-shocked by what you’ve just witnessed, but the overriding emotion is one of elation. You’ve never been as happy as you are at this moment in time. But then, dread and doubt starts creeping in. How will you cope? What if you’re not ready? Is it too late to go back in time and experience it all again? Everything you once knew has changed. You are now in unknown territory. Scared, alone and vulnerable. But you know you need to step up. Your life is not over, it is just the beginning. This chapter may have closed and part of you may feel sad, but things will get better. Remember this as one of the best times of your life. Excitement tingles through your body for what the future holds. The main event may be over, but you know you have so much more to look forward to. You will soon be able to share in plenty of other milestones. After all, a lot will happen in the next four years…


What do you reckon? Have I found the back of the net or committed a professional foul by comparing football and the World Cup to pregnancy? Will my musings help me lift the Jules Rimet trophy or will I instead see red and be forced off for an early bath. Sorry, I’ll stop now…