A Pregnancy Update: Second Trimester (Week 17)

We’ve just got back from having a scan at the hospital and have two pieces of pregnancy news – (1) Everything is OK with the baby, and (2) the baby is a boy! Obviously fab news on both accounts and something which finally puts the last few months of worry behind us and allows us to focus on the second trimester and beyond.

Let me rewind a little. You may remember in my first trimester update that this pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest thing so far. Early on, we were convinced we’d miscarried, only to find out that all looked well in an early scan. After that, the 12-week scan highlighted an anomaly – thought to be fluid – over the baby’s stomach. This saw Hay undergo further blood tests to rule out an infection.

The results came back all clear which was a relief, but there was no explanation as to why this potential fluid was there. They decided to book us in for a future scan with a Consultant to check progress – this was the scan we went to today. We’ve obviously being trying to stay positive and hope for the best, but there has been that lingering doubt about whether the baby is OK.

So that brings us to today. We had the scan booked in for 11am, got there at 10.45am and waited over an hour to be seen – grumble grumble. We were in the day assessment clinic part of the hospital maternity wing – I’m not sure how that differs to the norm, but it meant we had the pleasure of sitting in an area we’d not occupied before.

The scan was the same as normal. We went in, Hay laid down, they squirted on the gel then started exploring through her belly. We saw the heartbeat and movement, which is always a relief – Hay hasn’t felt the baby move yet, so there’s always that question of whether things are still growing as they should be.

After thoroughly checking out the unborn sprog from all angles, the Consultant said that she couldn’t see any fluid and everything looked perfectly fine. Again, another huge relief. She also asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby.

The ‘gender reveal’ is usually done at the 20-week scan, but she said that HE decided to open his legs and proudly display his bits to her. So, with confidence, she could tell us that we were having a boy. When we found out we were having a girl last time, there was a little bit more uncertainty.

A Pregnancy Update Second Trimester (Week 17) scan photo

I’d not really thought about the sex – the key thing was whether the baby was healthy, with stuff like gender playing second fiddle. I kind of assumed that we’d have a girl because it’s what I know and am used to, but most people told us that they thought it was a boy. Mystic Meg will be quivering in her boots – well, on the assumption that she still does that type of stuff – truth be told, I’ve not heard anything about her for the last 15 years so maybe there’s a job opening?

Anyway, I digress. The key headline is that he is healthy and we look forward to seeing him again at the end of September for the second trimester 20-week scan. Until next time!