A Pregnancy Update: Second Trimester (Week 27)

And just like *that*, we’ve hit week 27 of pregnancy. About to go into the third trimester, the missus is now well over the halfway point and has actually been with child for more than half a year. Assuming he plops out on his due date (which, obviously ain’t going to happen), that means we have just three months of pregnancy left.

I’ve not done a pregnancy update for a little while (week 17), so thought it was probably best to get a few thoughts down. The good news is that everything is going to plan. After the worries we had during early pregnancy, it’s been great to just get on with things without the constant cloud of concern, uncertainty and doubt.

In terms of Hay, she’s doing OK, but she’s struggling a bit. Obviously all pregnancies are different, but she’s definitely feeling it more this time than with L. She’s tired, heavy (her words, not mine!), sometimes struggles to walk and has had a few low mood days. I’m not sure she’d say she’s enjoying pregnancy, but probably sees it as more of a means to an end. To get to the baby, you have to do the time.

This ‘enjoyment’ probably isn’t helped by the baby’s incessant moving. It’s fantastic to feel those little kicks, but our little lad never seems to stop, plus he enjoys sitting on her bladder and placing his head under her ribs. It would appear that he’s already making it difficult for her. She probably felt the first flutters around week 18, but then was sure of movement a few weeks later. I felt the first movement around week 22, which is just a surreal experience.

When it comes to Toddler L, she’s very excited about having a brother. She’s also being ridiculously cute – for instance, she keeps hugging and kissing the bump, enjoys comparing belly sizes, plus has put some of her baby toys aside for him. We also keep asking her for name suggestions, but she’s adamant that he is going to be called “baby brother”. She gets that there’s a baby inside mummy and that she’ll have a baby brother, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t yet grasp the impact of that.

As for me, pregnancy seems to be flying by. I’m still getting used to the fact that we’re having another baby, let alone that we’re so close to the end point. If he follows his big sister’s lead and arrives 2.5 weeks early, I’ll be trying to remember how to hold a baby and change a tiny nappy in just over two months. Sheeeeeeeet. I’m excited and looking forward to it, but as Toddler L occupies so much of my time, my focus tends to be on her rather than what’s to come in 2018.

In terms of the more boring and practical stuff, the routine appointments have been happening. This included the anomaly scan at Week 20 which took a closer look at the baby to ensure he is developing normally. All scans are a bit nerve-wracking in case anything untoward is discovered, but as we’d had a thorough scan at Week 17, we were quietly confident everything would continue to be OK. He didn’t want to ‘pose’ for a photo though, so unfortunately we didn’t get one this time.

There’s also been the local community midwife check-ups. I remember finding these frustrating and a bit pointless first time around (read here) – this continues to be the case this time too. I’m sure our midwife is a lovely lady, but she’s not really giving us much confidence when she doesn’t follow through on promises. The perfect example being that Hay’s still waiting on her MATB1 certificate – something she asked for seven weeks ago.

Last week saw us take Toddler L to the midwife appointment for the first time. We’ve actively avoided taking her to hospital scans etc because it just feels a bit clinical. Plus, say something isn’t right at the 20 week scan, do you really want to be dealing with a toddler as you fight back the tears? However, we decided to take her to the midwife and this resulted in her first proper ‘meeting’ with her brother after listening to the heartbeat.

A Pregnancy Update Second Trimester Week 27 toddler waiting for midwife

In other news, Hay is strongly considering a home birth. We’ll have to make a proper decision over the next few weeks to kick off that process with the midwives, but I personally have no concerns with this – well, other than having afterbirth splattered on our carpet and walls. She’s also been exploring hypnobirthing as she likes the sound of that – she’s been listening to a podcast and also has a few books to leaf through.

In terms of the practicalities, we’ve started to buy a few things – namely a few baby grows and a Close Parent Caboo carrier. I *think* that we have the majority of big stuff left over from Toddler L, so we shouldn’t need to buy that much stuff. His life of hand-me-downs has already begun.

As part of the change, Toddler L has moved out of the ‘nursery’ into her own, bigger bedroom. I’ve been decorating it on and off over the last month and she finally moved in a few days ago. So far, she’s loving it. This has meant that I’ve been able to start work on the nursery. I don’t plan to do an overhaul, but it probably needs a lick of paint and we need to rethink storage.

Oh, and the dog seems to be particularly enjoying the perks of pregnancy, blissfully unaware of what hell awaits him!

The dog is loving pregnancy as he has a pillow each evening. He doesnt even mind being kicked in the head!

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So that’s the pregnancy update as of week 27. Let’s see what adventures are in store as we progress into the third trimester.

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