A Pregnancy Update: Third Trimester (Week 36)

Week 36 is upon us. Depending on how the next few weeks unravel, this could actually be my last pregnancy update…EVER! After feeling like things have gone relatively slow for most of the pregnancy, the last month has flown by and we now find ourselves on the cusp of becoming a family of four. How stereotypical.

So what’s been happening since the Week 31 update? Well, the big news is that the missus has now started her maternity leave. Last Friday saw her final day in the office until late 2018 / early 2019. The plan is to have around a year off, but we’ll firm that up a lot closer to the time. Considering that L was born before she even started maternity leave last time, this is all a bit of a weird situation for us!

During the week she’s been off, we’ve been pretty busy. We’ve had a fair few nice days out as we attempt to make the most of it just being the three of us. We’ve also been trying to get on top of everything around the home. Apart from decorating and doing a first pass through L’s old baby clothes, we’d not done much else. Now though, we’ve got everything down from the attic and are being ruthless as to what we want to keep or donate.

Combined with a few other things we’ve bought such as a Moses basket, baby carrier and baby rocker, as well as the essentials like newborn nappies and clothes, we’re pretty much set. We even have the baby car seat installed in the car, just to be on the safe side! It’s certainly been easier second time around – not only did we keep everything from L so we’ve not had to buy much, but we also have a better grasp of what actually is needed and what is just clever marketing to nervous newbie parents.

Another big step which happened bang on Week 36 was the midwife coming over for the home birth assessment. We decided to pursue a home birth because labour with L was quick and straightforward, this pregnancy has been deemed low risk and there’s no medical reason for a hospitalised birth. It’s a little scary thinking about not being in a labour ward, but the midwives know what they’re doing and home comforts definitely appeal.

I expected it to be an appraisal of the home – have they vacuumed, how dusty are the surfaces and are there any skidmarks in the toilet. But it wasn’t that at all. Instead, it was basically a chat guided by a checklist. We talked about things like what we’d need to do to prepare and what would happen in best and worst case scenarios. They also brought a bag of kit which will stay with us and be used when the missus is in labour. It answered all of our questions and put us at ease – we’ll just see whether I’m still at ease if the midwife gets stuck in snow and I’m left to deliver the baby!

Linked to home birth arrangements, we’ve also been figuring out childcare arrangements for L when the contractions start. We don’t have family nearby, so we’ve given nursery the heads up that we might need them on a different day, plus asked a number of friends and neighbours if they could potentially have her for a few hours. As we obviously don’t know when things will kick off, it’s a bit of an uncertain situation as to where L goes, but I think we’re covered. Best case scenario she’ll either sleep through it all or the baby will be considerate and pop out when it’s one of her nursery days.

In other news, we’ve bought L a couple of nice, baby-related books – I’m A Big Sister by Joanna Cole and The New Baby Sticker Book from Usborne. We’ve been reading these over the last few weeks to help with L’s understanding about what will happen. It’s obviously going to be a big change for her, so reading books and doing stickers in this way have helped us to explain things and allowed her to ask questions. She’s really excited, wants to get involved with everything and I genuinely see her being an incredibly awesome big sister.

Swotting up for what imminently lies ahead…

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Finally, the missus is doing alright – not great, just alright. She actually slipped on ice a few weeks ago and had to go to A&E as a precaution – luckily everything was OK with her and the baby, but it gave us a bit of an unwanted scare. With constant heartburn, all over pains, general uncomfortableness and difficulty sleeping, she’s a bit fed up and just wants go get him out now. Luckily for her – and me – there shouldn’t be too long now!

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