Review: The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow

Pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable, exhausting and demanding. Then there’s the problems that the missus has to deal with too! I jest of course.

Having a baby can be hard work. Trouble getting comfy, zombie-like exhaustion and constantly needing to get up to the toilet during pregnancy soon turn into trouble getting comfy, zombie-like exhaustion and constantly needing to get up to feed / settle / change the little one when bump becomes baby.

Therefore, anything that can be done to ease these pregnancy and newborn annoyances and make life more bearable for all concerned is gratefully received. We were therefore delighted to try out and review the Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing pillow which is designed to help get some much needed ZZZZZ’s whilst you are preggers, then help with feeding when you’ve had your ravenous spawn.

Below is our experience of the pillow.

Product Description

The product is described as:

The Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing pillow has been designed to help a mum-to-be to enjoy a restful night’s sleep throughout the later stages of pregnancy. It also doubles up as a comfortable feeding pillow which supports mum’s back and shoulders while keeping baby at exactly the correct height and position for breast feeding.

The cushion can also be used for babies that can’t yet sit up on their own, so you’re sure to get plenty of use out of it. The pillow is filled with tiny sand-like micro-beads that adapt perfectly to the body, providing complete support and relief. It has multi-functional uses and is great for relaxing, reading and watching television. Features of the Theraline maternity pillow:

  • Innovative, flexible and stable filling
  • Feels like sand, yet is as light as a feather
  • Comfortable support in any position
  • Multi-functional
  • Size: 190 x 40cm
  • Extra-thick, colour-fast covers that are 100% cotton jersey
  • All materials are free of harmful substances
  • Antiallergenic, warm, breathable and can be washed at 60°C

Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow Blue

Product Experience

The pillow arrived from Germany safely packaged inside a large box, complete with an information sheet about the product. Although not normally one for instructions, this info sheet was pretty useful as it showed the different ways you could use the pillow when sleeping, nursing or relaxing. The best way to describe it’s appearance would probably be somewhere between a long bean bag and a draft excluder you put at the bottom of the door.

Having got some amusement out of the pillow by pretending I was wresting a giant, blue python who was trying to eat me, I thought I better get on with testing the pillow. I was impressed straight away with how moldable and light it was despite it’s size – I guess this is down to the thousands of micro-beads which fill the insides and mean that it can be shaped to how you want it, for example, long, thin and huggable or fat, round and sitable.

Our pillow case was blue in colour, or “Design 29 mid-blue” to give it it’s official name. Theraline do provide a variety of colours and designs – over 40 in fact – for the pillow cover for you to choose from. These range from solid, single colours such as “neon green” and “cappuccino” to more exotic designs such as “happy beach apricot” and “donkey laguna turquoise”. The cover can be unzipped to allow it to be washed.

One of the key selling points for the Theraline pillow is it’s versatility and I was keen to try this out. We are now with baby, so the missus was unable to use it to relieve the stresses and strains of being preggers, however it was very comfortable and moulded around the body when we both faked pregnancy by laying with it in bed. The missus had a maternity pillow which did the job during the last few months, but she remarked at how the Theraline pillow was much more comfortable and could be used in more positions to support different areas of her body.

We were able to try out the pillow in different situations though. One of these was using it as a feeding pillow, both when breastfeeding and when bottle feeding. The thing I liked the most about using it for feeding is that it supports your back and arms, whilst allows you to free up your hands to do other things. I’ve seen the missus time and time again be incapacitated and staring into space when she feeds Baby L, so this was good because it allowed her to read a book or look at her phone whilst the little one was comfortably positioned correctly. I also found it good for bottle feeding as I was able to lay the little one’s head on one side of the pillow and support my milk-giving arm with the other side. I can see this getting more and more useful as the baby gets bigger and heavier.

Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow breastfeeding and bottle feeding

We’ve also had a decent amount of use out of it by turning it into the main thing we use for tummy time. We turn the pillow into a ‘C’ shape, plump up the middle with the micro-beads, then put Baby L on her front. This works really well because the pillow moulds to her little body rather than using a normal pillow or rolled up towel that has no give to it. With this, we found that she moves around a bit more and can reposition herself to get in optimal head-lifting position. The pillow is also good for wrapping around the little one to stop her from wriggling anywhere, e.g. if we are getting dressed and Baby L is on the bed safely snuggled in the Theraline pillow.

Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow Baby Tummy Time

I also obviously used the pillow for relaxing when watching TV in bed. Again, it can be positioned in a number of ways, such as curled around your head and arms or underneath your legs. I quite enjoyed the former as it made me feel like I had my own armchair in bed. As in the photo below, you can also use it across your legs / stomach to support the baby (and other things like TV control, a beer etc).

Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow Watching TV


The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow costs £44.95 and can be purchased directly from Theraline or from retailers including John Lewis. This feels quite pricey for a pillow, particularly compared to the cheaper one we bought which came with a wedge-shaped pillow too, but there is a definite differences in quality and comfort.

I’m sure most pregnant woman would agree that less than £50 for a decent nights sleep is well worth it! If you’re considering one, I’d advise getting it at the start of pregnancy to get the most use out of it – that way you can use it throughout the nine months, then continue to use it afterwards for feeding. Buying it just for feeding would probably not make the most sense economically.


We both liked the Theraline pillow and there is no question that it is multi-functional and very comfortable. Be it breastfeeding, tummy time, chilling out or a mixture of them all, the pillow is bound to make your experience more comfortable, relaxing and supportive. For this, I can find very little fault.

I personally found that one of it’s main benefits was also it’s main weakness though. That is it’s large size. It is a great pillow for wrapping around yourself and making you comfortable because it is big, but it is a little difficult to store when not in use due to this size. Obviously we couldn’t test it as a sleep aid, but I’d have questions about whether two people could comfortably fit in the bed if this was being used to help a pregnant woman sleep.

DADventurer Star Rating

3.5 out of 5


N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the products. The maternity and nursing pillow was sent to me by Theraline with the purpose of writing a product review in exchange for the product.