Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice…

If you’re clued up on your nursery rhymes, the post title should give you a clue as to what we found out today. Yep, that’s right, we’re having a girl!

Today we had our 20-week ultrasound scan at the hospital. Pretty much the same process as for the emergency scan and the 12-week scan. The only difference being that it lasted a bit longer as the Sonographer spent the last part of the scan taking all the baby’s measurements and checking everything looked OK. This included things like measuring the size of the head, the leg bone and checking the heart had all four chambers. Luckily, everything looks to be developing perfectly which is a relief.

We also managed to hear the heartbeat again which was pumping out a strong rhythm not too dissimilar to a 1990’s rave song. The Sonographer wasn’t able to confirm 100% – I think they don’t ever like to give a definitive yes or no in case they get sued – but as far as she could see (or not see in our case), the Bump is in fact a girl.

The day didn’t start too well though…we live around a 20 minute drive from the hospital and set off with about 10 minutes contingency time. Once we hit the motorway, we got stuck in traffic and soon began to quietly panic that we’d miss the appointment.

We gave the hospital a quick buzz to let them know we were running late, but were informed that it would be down to the Sonographer’s discretion when we arrived as to whether we’d still be seen. We arrived about 20 minutes late – with a slight sweaty glow and shortness of breath – but fortunately were still able to be seen. In fact, we only were sat down for about 30 seconds before we were called in – that’s the fastest I’ve ever been seen at a doctors’ surgery or hospital!

Our little girl was pretty active during the ultrasound scan today. The missus puts that down to the ice-cream and can of coke she had in the car on the way to the hospital. At least we know what we need to do to get her moving should we ever be worried! Here’s a wee peek at the little lassy…

3rd Baby Scan