You Are My Sunshine

I can now officially say that I’ve bought something for the Bump.

Hay’s done a great job in researching, sourcing and buying most of the stuff we do (and don’t) need for the baby so far. We seem to have pretty much everything – from a moses basket to clothes to a play mat to some breast milk extractor thing. Apart from a breast pump – which I’ve said I’m more than happy to act as a manual version in the short term – we’ve probably got everything we need for the little kiddo.

We’ve talked through the majority of stuff we’ve bought, but the missus has always been the one to find the best and cheapest version of the ‘thing’ we’re buying. My job so far has been that of a sounding board then strongman carrying the boxes upstairs to the nursery. N.B. Strange realisation that I’m going to be a dad having called the front bedroom a nursery for the first time just now!

That all changed the other day when I found something that I needed to get the baby. Something that wasn’t on Hay’s list, but something I thought would be vitally important, particularly for a baby born at the end of summer. Behold, bright yellow baby sunglasses!

Baby yellow sunglasses

Not only is the baby going to be protected from the glare of Mr Sunshine himself, but she’s also going to look fabulous whilst doing so. Pared with the matching purple daddy and baby Converse, I think it’s safe to say that our little lady is going to look pretty cool with these sunglasses.

The sunglasses arrived the other day and looked as funky as I expected. Hay didn’t seem so keen though. I hoped that modelling them on the dog would change her opinion, but alas no, she still believes the £4 could have been spent better somewhere else. She is definitely misguided in her opinion though!

What do you reckon? Hit or miss in the cool baby stakes? Is there anything you’ve bought for your sprog that seemed a good idea at the time before you suffered the wrath of your partner?