(Trying To) Call The Midwife

It supposedly takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. After giving the midwife the benefit of the doubt and not forming my first impression for a couple of weeks, I feel that I’m well within my write to vent slightly as our experiences to date haven’t been overwhelmingly positive.

Let me caveat any tirade by saying that the midwives are a nice bunch – very attentive, easy to talk to and explain things (quite) clearly, however:

1) They’re based a five-minute walk up the road which is very handy, but they are only located here on a Friday and sometimes on a Thursday. Their main base is in Watford, meaning that it feels like we have limited access to our midwives and nowhere to turn should the unexpected happen on a day that doesn’t suit them.


2) We supposedly live on a county boundary and have been deemed “cross-border”. Other than making us feel like we’re illegal immigrants, this looks to be an added complication. For example, we have to go to the hospital in Buckinghamshire for blood tests, scans etc – the midwives can’t do these as they are based in Hertfordshire. This means a 25-minute drive rather than a five-minute walk and the added complication of different systems not talking to each other etc.


3) Following on from 2, dealing with two separate entities has added an extra step, meaning that things don’t get done which should be done. The midwife was supposed to send our paperwork to the hospital, who would then get in touch with us to arrange the first scan by 12-weeks. We waited, but nothing turned up. We rang the hospital, but they knew nothing about us. We rang the midwife, but it wasn’t Friday so no-one was there to answer our questions. When we finally got to speak to them, it turned out that they’d sent the paperwork by post and not faxed it. The process was repeated, but has resulted in delays to our 12-week scan.


4) At our midwife booking in appointment, they seemed to be pretty short of supplies. They had no pots for you to piss into (the Missus, not me!) and didn’t have any of the pregnancy information folders which I’d read come with vouchers and goodies. The latter was the main reason I came 🙂


5) The midwives book you in to a timeslot for your appointment, but then throw this out of the window when you arrive by running it alongside drop-in appointments. If we have a slot at 10am, I’d expect that we’ll be seen around this time, not have to wait an additional 45-minutes because of random mums turning up for a chat and to have their egos stroked.


I realise that none of these things are major and I’m probably going overboard. However, it feels like all of these little gripes build and build to create one big problem, particularly when it results in a 12-week scan – which you were looking forward to – being delayed by a few weeks.

I’m certainly hoping that things improve as we progress through the pregnancy, otherwise it won’t just be the midwife I’m calling*.


* Although that sounds like an awesome threat, I’m not quite sure what I mean by it or who else I’d call…