Awesome Pregnancy Time Lapse Video: 204 Days In 10 Seconds

During pregnancy, I took a photo of the missus each and every day with the plan being to create a time lapse video from the first day through to the last. Now that I’ve had chance to play with Movie Maker and create a The DADventurer YouTube page, behold the (I think!) amazing result.

Here is the journey from Bump to Baby in the space of 10 seconds…

  • Fantastic!! …I think you could even publish a slighter longer version!! The 30 second one that all the mothers want to see, and the 10 sec version for all the dads they insist need to watch! 😉

    • Haha, good idea. I might have to do that when I get a bit more time…


  • This is truly awesome! I would have loved to have a video like this made during my pregnancy 🙂

  • Tom Briggs

    That’s fantastic – a brilliant bit of video work there, mate! I must have missed the happy news until now too – congratulations to you all. Hope you’re getting a bit of sleep here and there! 🙂

    • Thanks Tom – I’m nowhere near a pro, but am pleased with the outcome of the vid. Thanks for the congrats – she came 2 weeks ago but feels like she’s always been here! 🙂

  • Keri Jones

    It’s awesome, wish I had a vid like this! x

    • Thanks! Just makes the chore of taking all the photos worth it!

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