An Autumnal Family Photoshoot In The Woods

Being a blogger – AKA someone who shares way too much about our lives – I’m never too far away from my camera or phone. This is pretty cool because it means that we have sooooo many photos of Toddler L growing up. Everything interesting – and not so interesting – has been captured as memories.

We very rarely get decent ones of us all together as a family though. We have plenty of selfies of us, but I think we can all agree that they’re more suited to duck-faced, teenage girls than a nice family portrait. As such, sometimes you’ve just got to call in the pros. If you have ghosts, you call Ghostbusters. If you want professional family photos, you call a photographer.

Luckily, we know just the person – Rachel at Lightmonkey Photography. Rachel had previously shot Toddler L’s first birthday cake smash and when she modelled for Snugtums, so we know how talented she is behind the camera. Both sessions had been in the studio though, so we were quite keen to get into the countryside for a more location-based, family photoshoot. As Toddler L had just turned two, we thought an outdoor shoot would be a nice way to capture her adventurous and exploratory nature.

We’d arranged to meet up with Rachel one Saturday morning in the woods not far from our house. As it was September, the leaves were starting to turn orange and red which we hoped would provide a nice Autumnal backdrop – or, at the very least, detract from my face. As we’d learnt from previous shoots, we took along a bit of food and a couple of toys to bribe gently persuade Toddler L to cooperate. With that, we were ready to crack on with the family photoshoot.

The photoshoot was really chilled out. Having your photos taken can be a little awkward, so it’s always nice to feel at ease. It obviously helped as we’d met Rachel before, but she’s got a very laid-back style which makes you feel comfortable straight away. It felt more like we were having a chat and a walk than having photos taken.

A lot of the photos from the family photoshoot were snapped as we walked along the path or as Toddler L played in the woods, so they were very natural. Others were a bit more posed, such as sitting on a rug on a log or standing underneath a tree. The good thing though is that she was able to take a range of photos – natural, posed, portrait, landscape, close, far etc. I knew, for instance, that both of our folks would like snaps of us smiling at the camera, whereas we’d prefer the natural ones which captured our interaction, personality and relationship.

Despite not playing with her for months on end, Toddler L had brought along her Upsy Daisy doll which ended up taking centre stage in some of the photos. Funnily enough, it’s what we’d used on previous photoshoots to get her attention – if she ever makes it as a model, I wonder if she’ll need it when she’s in her twenties?!

We were probably with Rachel for an hour or so as she snapped away – to clarify, that’s ‘snapped’ as in took photos, not as in lost her temper. We went our separate ways, then about a week later received an email with a link to our photos from the session. Here’s a sample of some of the captures we got from the family photoshoot.


















Pretty awesome, huh?! It goes without saying that we’re really chuffed with all of the photos. As I said at the start, you can totally tell the difference between me attempting to take the photos myself and a pro. So, it just goes to show that arranging a family photoshoot like this every now and then is a great way to (properly!) capture memories.

If you’re looking for a newborn, baby and family photographer in Hertfordshire, then you should definitely get in touch with Rachel at Lightmonkey Photography. We’d thoroughly recommend her and the photos above speak for themselves!