My BritMums Live 2015 Sponsors: Hippychick & The Little Green Sheep

Much like an 18-year old Michael Owen introducing himself to the footballing world with his wonder goal at the 1998 World Cup, I will soon be making my blogging event debut at BritMums Live 2015. Now I’m not suggesting that my mere presence at the UK’s largest blogging event will be a thing of ‘wonder’ and one to be celebrated, but it is bound to be memorable.

Not only because I’ll have the chance to learn from and meet other bloggers, but also because I’ve been chosen to read one of my blog posts at the BritMums Live Blogger Keynote. Mr Owen might have scored at the World Cup, but I doubt he ever felt the pressure that comes with reading last on stage, and in all likelihood, being the only thing standing between a few hundred gin-hungry mums and the bar.

Anyway, I digress…

The point of this ramble is to introduce two great brands who have helped me get to the event by kindly sponsoring me. I’ve worked closely with both companies since I started blogging eleven months ago, so it is therefore a pleasure, a privilege and a delight to work with them again.

It’s awesome to be backed by any company, let alone two brilliant brands who are held in such high-esteem within the baby and child industry. Being a dad, it’s also hugely refreshing to see two companies recognise the important role that both parents play in having a kid by actively choosing to support a dad blogger.

So, without further ado, let me introduce my sponsors – Hippychick and The Little Green Sheep.


Hippychick logo

Hippychick is a multi-award winning designer, sourcer and distributor of baby wear and accessories whose focus is on discovering and developing innovative products that make life easier for parents. A family-run company established in 1999, Hippychick has since gone on to help newbie parents all over the country with their helpful, practical, stylish and fun range of products.

I have first-hand experience of a number of these baby goods having previously tested and reviewed a couple of Hippychick products – the Baby Footmuff, Buggy Lights and the Bumpkins Sleeved Bib and Splat Mat. All four of these products massively helped us when we’ve been out and about with a little human in winter, as well as containing the mess she creates during the ‘fun’ process known as weaning.

With Hippychick branded products such as the Buggy Organiser and Hipseat Baby Carrier, or other fun brands distributed by Hippychick like the awesome Wheelybuggs and Happy Hopperz, Hippychick has a bit of something to bring every family with regards to functionality, ease and enjoyment.


The Little Green Sheep logo

The Little Green Sheep is a leading organic baby brand which offers parents the best in baby bedtimes. Founded in 2006, the company has won multiple awards for their sleep-based products, which use natural and organic materials to give the best for your little ones as they visit the Land of Nod.

I first started working with The Little Green Sheep around Christmas last year and we’ve continued to use their great products since. We were lucky enough to review the awesome SnuzPod bedside crib for a few months when Baby L had outgrown her Moses basket but wasn’t yet big enough for her cot bed. Since she graduated to her own bedroom, the sprog has been sleeping on one of their double-sided Twist Mattresses which cleverly flips from a harder side to softer side when your baby hits 18 months old (review to come soon!).

Although the baby bedtime experts are best known for their brilliant SnuzPod, they also offer a range of other night-time products including natural mattresses and organic bedding to ensure the best for your baby at night and to give sleep-deprived parents some peace of mind.


So there we are – two great brands for one humble and very appreciative dad blogger! Check out my I’m going to BritMums Live meme to find out a a bit more about me prior to the event and remember to say “Hi” if you see me. Or don’t. Whatevs!

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Hippychick and The Little Green Sheep in exchange for sponsorship to BritMums Live 2015.

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