Make Your Nominations For The Love All Dads Awards

The purpose of this post is twofold – firstly to raise awareness of the incredibly awesome job that Love All Dads (LADs) is doing to promote dad bloggers in a mummy dominated world, and secondly to grovel to you fine people for nominations in the ‘Best Newcomer’ category for the upcoming LADs’ awards.

If you’ve not heard of Love All Dads, their aim is to showcase the best Dad bloggers on the net. They do this through things like holding an up-to-date Dad blogger directory, sharing content from Dads who write, hosting the thoroughly entertaining Love All Dads podcast and organising the Love All Dads awards to celebrate all things Dad blogger related.

Nominations for this years award opened at the start of September and will stay open until 1st October. This will be shortly followed by a shortlist for each of the categories before winners for each award are named. The categories are:

  • Top Tweeter 2014
  • Best Dad Blog 2014
  • Best Blog Post of the Year 2014
  • Best Newcomer 2014
  • Best Non Dad Blog 2014
  • Most Entertaining 2014

Now on to the self promotion part (sorry!). I’ve been blogging since the beginning of July and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my pregnancy, birth and now Dad, musings during the past two months*. During this short time, I’ve been welcomed with open arms into the blogging community, met some great people and read some awesome blogs, both from mums and dads.

I hope that my musings have entertained and amused whilst showing the bloke’s side of things, however I’d settle for just helping you to pass a few minutes whilst you’re busy breastfeeding in the early hours or sitting on the toilet at work!

I’d obviously be overjoyed with nominations for any of the above categories (apart from Best Non Dad Blog!), but as a new blogger, I think the Best Newcomer award is probably the most relevant. Therefore, if you’ve enjoyed anything you’ve read on my blog, it would be awesome and totally appreciated if you could vote for me please.

You can do this by clicking on the button below which takes you through to the Love All Dads site – scroll down to the bottom, then enter “The DADventurer” in the Best Newcomer textbox.

LoveAllDads Awards

There’s a large number of talented bloggers out there, so I’m not expecting to make the shortlist, let alone win, although we can but dream! If you don’t want to nominate me, then that is totally cool – the fact that you are (hopefully) still  reading this accomplishes the main purpose of these ramblings which is to make you aware of the awards and help show that us dads have something to say too.

Please, just make sure that you do nominate someone for each of the categories in order to help spread the Dad blogger love (Note: that is not a reference to sperm – the fact that we are Dad bloggers means it has already been spread enough).

*If you’re confused about why the blog has articles from January 2014 onwards, that is because I cheated and retrospectively wrote some posts based on hard copy notes I’d been keeping. It wasn’t until the end of June that I decided to turn these into a blog and share with you good folk.

LoveAllDads Awards