An Open Apology To The Missus

Hay, I apologise for being a dick. Whilst I’m at it and am talking about male genitalia, I may as well apologise for being a cock, a prick and a big old ball sack too.

I realise I’ve been a bit irritable recently, but the truth is I’m not really sure why. I don’t mean to make snidey comments or blame you for things that aren’t your fault, it’s just the easy thing to do when I need to blow off steam.

So, I’m sorry for my recent outbursts including, but not limited to:

  1. Complaining when you made mashed potato that wasn’t totally smooth: I realise you spent time making it and me slagging off your mashing skills wasn’t the best way of showing my appreciation.
  2. Shouting when I couldn’t find a matching pair of socks for Baby L and blaming you: It’s not like you’ve been hiding socks on purpose, and to be fair, you’re the one that normally does the washing so the fact that we have socks at all is down to you.
  3. Blowing off steam in your direction when the drawer broke: That was nothing to do with you, I just directed my fury in your direction as you were the only thing in sight which wasn’t a stupid inanimate object.
  4. Having a go at you when the bottles weren’t sterilised as I couldn’t feed Baby L at night: You’ve shown me repeatedly how to sterilise the bottles, but I’ve still only done it twice. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to do this everyday and I appreciate that you do.
  5. Being narky when you roughly put the carry cot into the back of the car: I realise you were just trying to help out and already had your hands full, so it didn’t warrant my reaction.
  6. Shouting at you and going all moody when you knocked over a bottle of water on the floor: I know that you’re a bit clumsy anyway and you didn’t do it on purpose. Clumsiness is a kind of ‘disability’ that you have to live with. Anyway, it was only water and can easily be dried up.

Obviously a baby changes things, but I don’t feel like I, or we, are struggling because we’re new parents. The little one has been pretty awesome in her ten short weeks of life and the fact that we’re both at home helping to look after her can only be beneficial. I wouldn’t change anything. But still, my fuse is a little bit shorter for whatever reason since becoming a dad.

It’s not like I can use lack of sleep as an excuse or that I’m tired after commuting to and from work. Life is pretty much the same as it was before, just a little bit more disturbed from having a newborn under the roof. I just find that I’m more irritable at the moment, and for that I’m sorry. It’s nothing you’ve done.

I guess it may be something to do with having too much to do, but that’s not your fault. There’s only so many hours in the day that I can do the day job, write on the blog, help around the house, do stuff with the little one, spend time as a family and have a bit of me time. But I know that you’re in a similar situation too and you’re not getting on my back about things.

To show how sorry I am and how I promise to try to be more tolerable and not get at you as much, I may as well say sorry for a few other things that annoy you, including:

  1. Leaving beard hair in the bathroom sink and not rinsing it properly
  2. Failing to wake up when the baby cries at night or when the dog barks to go outside in the morning
  3. Leaving skid marks in the toilet
  4. Farting and blaming the dog / baby
  5. Not listening to you as much as I used to and just nodding or saying “yeh”, which led to me accidentally agreeing that your new haircut made you look manly
  6. Having no control over my chocolate consumption
  7. Assuming, and suggesting, that whenever the little one is crying that it might be because she needs a feed
  8. Being on my phone or laptop continually

I’ll summarise the above with two words – I’m sorry.


Featured image from Hanne Dale via Compfight