Preparing For Toddler L’s 2nd Birthday Party

Although next week sees Toddler L’s 2nd birthday, it will actually be her first proper birthday party. Before you wag your accusatory finger, it’s not like we ignored her last year – we just chose to mark the occasion by doing other stuff. Before her birthday, we had a cake smash photoshoot and met up with both sets of grandparents for a day out at Hatton Adventure World, then we went to West Mids Safari Park and stayed in a hotel on her actual birthday. See, not too shabby for someone who isn’t going to remember it.

This year though, we’ve decided to mark her 2nd birthday with a bit of a party – I say “a bit” because it’s going to be relatively low key with just the grandparents invited. As I’ve mentioned loads of times before, both sets of grandparents live 3+ hours away, so we don’t get the chance to see them that often, let alone as a foursome (in a none sexual way).

So, this year, we decided to invite them all down on the same weekend – today, in fact – for a party to mark the second anniversary of my daughter exiting the missus’ vagina. Don’t worry, that’s not the name that’s gone out on the invites – mainly because I never got around to doing them. The weather’s looking pretty decent, so the plan’s to have a BBQ and chill out in the newly landscaped garden. Relaxed, fun, family time.

As it’s a party, there’s a few things we’ve needed to sort out – an outfit, a cake, balloons, decorations, food etc. I’ll be honest, her birthday has kind of creeped up on us, which has meant a bit of a last minute panic to get stuff. We managed though, all with two days to spare. That’s a parenting win in my book.

It’s a funny one though. As a blogger, I live in a world of perfect Instagram images where people continually try to outdo each other with their perfect lives. This can sometimes make you feel pretty shit. Are we bad parents because we bought a load of ready-made stuff rather than spent hours on end baking a cake or cutting letters out of magazines to make bunting?

No – we’re not. We’re just busy parents who would prefer to spend a bit of cash rather than spend A LOT of time getting our Pinterest on. If you’ve ever seen how ‘artistic’ the missus is, you’d understand why we’ve come to this decision. There’s no right or wrong way of doing things though obviously – each to their own.

What I did think I’d do was share the various bits and pieces we – a normal(ish) family – have bought for our daughter’s birthday party. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, just a few things to help celebrate her 2nd birthday.

2nd Birthday Outfit

  • Number 2 T-shirt (Grey With Red Stars) – Cotton and Bloom (Etsy) – £15.00
  • Tulle Skirt (Beige / Spotted) – H&M – £6.99
  • Shoes (TOMS Tiny Classics Red Canvas Stars Stripes) – Office – £13.00



2nd birthday party partyware

  • 4 x Metallic Number / Letter Balloons (Blue / Pink) – eBay – £5.80
  • 10 x Balloons (Polka Dot) – Tesco – £1.50
  • 40 x Napkins (Red / Stars) – Tesco – £2.00
  • 20 x Paper Plates (Red / Stars) – Tesco – £2.00
  • 15 x Plastic Red Cups (Red) – Tesco – £2.50
  • Happy Birthday Banner – Tesco – £1.00
  • Scrabble Lights With 60 Reusable Stickers – Amazon – £16.84


2nd birthday party bbq food and snacks

  • Caterpillar Birthday Cake – Sainsburys – £5.00
  • BBQ Food, Drinks and Snacks – Sainsburys – £49.00


So that’s everything we bought specifically for Toddler L’s 2nd birthday. A pretty quick and easy way of spending £120.63, eh?! I don’t think it’s too bad though – it’s enough food to feed 6 (and a half) people, includes clothes she’ll wear repeatedly and quirky Scrabble lights which will come in handy for other things like Xmas.

Plus, it is her (fake) 2nd birthday after all 🙂

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