Recipe: Chinese Fakeaway – Sweet And Sour Chicken Nuggets

When it comes to our evening meals, we try to sit down at the table and eat together as a family. It doesn’t take a genius – only a parent – to tell you that it doesn’t always go to plan though. After a tough day, sometimes you can’t wait to get the kid(s) to bed, eat something simple, tasty and convenient, then spend the evening in front of the TV.

Although good in theory, we tend to find that takeaways disappoint us. They’re expensive, unhealthy, and take too long to arrive. As such, we often prefer to make a fakeaway instead as they’re generally cheaper, have less calories, use better quality ingredients and taste nicer. For us, a fakeaway takes the form of cooking a takeaway favourite but using convenient products to speed up the process.

With this in mind, Iceland recently set me the task of seeing what I could concoct with their frozen chicken nuggets, so a fakeaway instantly sprung to mind. Coming in two sizes – 32 nuggets (£1.50) and 75 nuggets (£3.00) – they are made from 100% chicken breast fillets and cook in around 15 minutes. As such, they’re good quality, convenient and the perfect thing to star in my Chinese fakeaway recipe. Read on to find out what I made and how I made it. Here’s a hint…


Visiting Iceland To Buy Our Chinese Fakeaway Ingredients

Having collaborated with Iceland on their #PowerOfFrozen campaign a few times already, I’ve experienced the benefits of frozen food. For instance, being able to eat good quality, tasty food as its frozen at the peak of freshness which locks in flavours, or being able to get better value and manage portion sizes by buying in bulk but not having to eat it all at once.

We headed to our local Iceland to check out the stuff they had available. I’ve genuinely been impressed with the variety of products they sell – from frozen to chilled to fresh to cupboard. As such, it wasn’t long before my creative juices were flowing as I cooked up different recipes in my head.

I made the challenge harder for myself too – I only wanted to pick products that were frozen and/or for the cupboard. The idea being to simulate one of those nights when you want something quick, tasty and convenient but don’t have much in the house. Those days happen far too often for my liking!

My recipe decision was soon made after seeing a particular promotion on Uncle Ben’s products – buy three and get a free wok. This not only allowed me to buy two packets of microwave rice and a huge jar of sauce, but also get a new wok – worth £7.99 – to cook with. All for a fiver. Win win.

I decided to go with a Chinese fakeaway of sweet and sour chicken nuggets with special egg fried rice. To achieve this, I added a bag of 32 chicken nuggets, a bag of frozen mixed peppers, a bag of frozen onions, a bag of prawn crackers and a Thai sweet chilli sauce. This haul came to just £11.48 – oh, and I got the free wok too. I found everything I needed and buying the stuff was simple.

Cooking Our Chinese Fakeaway

After a particularly hard day with the toddler and a late return from work for the missus, we decided to make our Chinese fakeaway earlier in the week. With an evening of box sets ahead of us, I cracked on with making the food. First, I put a handful of the chicken nuggets onto a baking tray and stuck them in the oven to cook.

Whilst we waited for the chicken nuggets to turn golden, I cracked open the prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce to give us something to munch. It’s not a Chinese fakeaway without prawn crackers.


After ten minutes, I fried the frozen mixed peppers and frozen diced onions in my new wok. We’ll often have frozen vegetables in the freezer for when we’ve run out of fresh veg. I find this a great way of ensuring we still get some veggie goodness whilst bulking out our meals.

Whilst the veg was frying, I put the rice pouch into the oven for two minutes. I then added half of the sweet and sour sauce to the wok – the rest would do us for another meal. The next step was to take the chicken nuggets out of the oven and cut them up, ready to be added to the wok for a quick stir.


After 30 seconds or so, it was time to plate up. In true Masterchef style I made a hole in the middle of the rice and popped in a few good scoops of the sweet and sour chicken nuggets. I’m not going to lie, I’d impressed myself. Within just 20 minutes, we had a great tasting, good value, easy to make ‘fakeaway’ created with frozen and store cupboard products. The chicken nuggets were the highlight of the dish – still a bit crispy and soaking up the sweet and sour sauce, you could tell that they were made from 100% chicken breast fillets. Yummers.




So that’s the Chinese fakeaway I made using Iceland’s frozen chicken nuggets. Do you reckon I passed their challenge? What recipe would you make for a chicken nugget fakeaway? Let me know below!

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Iceland.