Cooking A Mother’s Day Pulled Pork Family Meal

If I had to write a list of the top five things I loved, I could name three instantly.

The missus. Toddler L. Pulled Pork.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “oooooh, he’s only including pulled pork for the purpose of this Mother’s Day post. What an incredibly handsome, talented and funny phoney he is.”

Well, I’m afraid that you’re wrong – at least with part of that last statement. Let me share a few tweets from the last year as evidence of my pulled pork obsession:





See? I’m a genuine pulled pork lover and have been since 2008 when I first placed that tender bit of meat in my mouth (not a euphemism) when on holiday in California. I can still remember ordering and eating it at Ruby’s Diner on the pier at Huntingdon Beach. Ah, magical meat-based memories.

So when I recently received an email from AHDB PorkLove Pork about making a pulled pork based Mother’s Day meal for the missus, I didn’t have to think twice. They sent us a hamper – also called a “Mum’s Day Off pack”, which did make me chuckle considering that I’m a stay-at-home dad in need of a day off from cooking – which contained all of the ingredients the sprog and I would need to make sweet spiced pulled pork with plum compote.

As shown below, the hamper included an incredible looking pork shoulder, potatoes, broccoli, plums, apples and other sundries – the cute toddler was already mine.

Mother's Day Sweet Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe Hamper And Ingredients

Ahead of Mother’s Day, we set about turning the raw ingredients into an awesome pulled pork meal for the family. I’m no stranger to making pulled pork – I’d probably say that we stick a pork shoulder in our slow cooker, every other week. However, I tend to use smoked paprika and BBQ sauce to flavour the joint, so I was interested to try a different recipe which used cinnamon and ginger – two ingredients I very rarely employ.

The recipe looked simple enough. Rather than cook the pork shoulder in the oven as suggested though, I decided to put it into the slow cooker as I find this easier and less hassle. I created the rub, applied this to the pork shoulder, turned on the slow cooker for 7 hours on low, then went to have a much needed sit down. Cooking is bloody hard work, particularly when Toddler L wasn’t pulling her weight in the kitchen!

About an hour before the missus came home from work, I cracked on with the other elements of the meal. This included chopping the spuds and putting them in the oven, rubbing salt on the pork rind and placing in the oven, steaming the broccoli in our new microwave and creating the compote by putting apples and plums into a pan on a low heat. I was also supposed to cut in half and griddle some of the plums, but I’d accidentally chopped them all up to make the compote, so we’ll gloss over this food failure.

Mother's Day Sweet Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe Cooking 1

Just before I dished up, I needed to shred the pulled pork, which is actually a very therapeutic process. Using two forks, you just need to tear the meat apart and remove any leftover fat, which is the easiest of tasks considering how tender the pork shoulder is after 7+ hours of cooking in its own juices. And that was it. The meal was prepared, served up and ready to be eaten.

It tasted awesome, if I do say so myself! The pulled pork was really tender, the roasties were crisp, the compote was sweet and the broccoli was nicely steamed. More importantly though, the missus agreed, as did Toddler L who happily ate the pork and compote. An overwhelming success!

What’s more, the pork shoulder was so huge that it not only did us for this pre-Mother’s Day meal, but it also formed the basis of our risotto the following day and sandwiches the day after.

Mother's Day Sweet Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe Eating At Table

Should you wish to make the sweet spiced pulled pork for your significant other this Mother’s Day – which I’d urge you to do – you can see the recipe on the Love Pork website, along with a number of other pork-based recipes which we’ll be trying in the future. Happy Mother’s Day all.

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with AHDB Pork / Love Pork.

N.B. This post includes an affiliate link(s). For more info, read my Disclosure policy.

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