Review: Ebac 3650e 18 Litre Portable Home Dehumidifier

We’ve always had a bit of condensation on the windows in our house. It’s not really been something I’ve worried about – I’ve usually just wiped it, or more likely, left it. I noticed earlier this year though that we’d started to get a bit of damp / mould on the ceilings of both our bedroom and spare room. No biggie – I bought some mould spray and got rid of it.

But, it did occur to me that this was dealing with a problem after it had happened rather than looking to prevent it in the first place. The fact that we had condensation, damp and mould suggested that we must have excess moisture in our house. That’s hardly surprising when you consider things like the amount of washing you have to do when you have a kid. It’s not too bad in the summer months when it can dry outside, but winter puts an end to that.

As such, I’d recently been researching portable dehumidifiers for the home and came across self-proclaimed dehumidifier experts Ebac. I liked what I read so got in touch to see if they were interested in a review – luckily, they said yes. As such, I was sent an Ebac 3650e dehumidifier to try out and review in the hope that it would help with the excess moisture we have in the home. You can read about it below:

Product Description

The product is described as:

Manufactured in the UK, this Ebac dehumidifier eliminates condensation, mould and damp from your home. Perfectly suited to medium/large sized households, this dehumidifier has a daily extraction rate of 18L and comes with both a 30 day condensation cure money back guarantee and a peace of mind 2 year warranty. In addition the model has a handy indoor laundry drying function that has optional time settings of 2, 4 or 8 hours. Using energy efficient Smart Control technology (saves up to 30% of energy compared to other basic dehumidifiers), this dehumidifier automatically senses when it needs to begin to operate – saving on running costs. There’s even an air purification mode that removes dust, bacteria and bad odours from the air for a healthier home. Features include:

  • 18 litre extraction
  • Suitable for up to 4 bed home
  • Proportionate Control
  • Intelligent Defrost
  • Laundry Mode
  • Air purification mode
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Energy Efficient
  • Changeable filters


Product Experience

On taking the dehumidfier out of the box, I was instantly surprised at the size. I expected it to be bigger than it was, so was happy that it wasn’t a huge, bulky bit of kit that would get in the way. For reference, we’re talking roughly 52cm (H) x 32cm (W) x 22cm (D). Appearance wise, it’s made of white plastic and has an LED control panel, numerous vents and a compartment at the front. On the back, you have a handle which lifts up to open the filter compartment and reveal a carry handle, as well as the fable which plugs into the wall.

Turning it on was as simple as plugging it in – as soon as I turned the plug on at the wall, the dehumidifier started in ‘Smart Mode’. Cleverly, in this mode, the dehumidifier senses when it needs to begin and when it needs to turn itself off – thus saving energy (up to 30% of energy compared to other basic dehumidifiers, they claim) and running costs. I don’t know how it does this, but I’m assuming it senses when there’s a certain level of moisture in the air. For example, it will automatically start when the shower has been on. Unless we’ve done some washing or have gone away, we usually just leave the Ebac in ‘Smart Mode’ and let it do its thing when it wants.


I mention washing. One of the features I’ve liked the most is the ‘Laundry Mode’. This is activated by simply pressing the button which has an outline of a t-shirt (top right). This instantly turns the fan to its second speed and allows you to set a two, four or eight hour time frame by pressing the clock button (middle left) repeatedly. Once the period has been reached, ‘Laundry Mode’ automatically turns off.

With the ‘Laundry Mode’ on, we’ve noticed a huge difference in how quickly our clean clothes dry. Depending on the temperature, it wouldn’t be uncommon for some items to still feel a little damp 36 hours after putting them on the clothes airer. With the dehumidifier though, the drying process is sped up and a lot of moisture is removed within the first few hours. This has meant that clothes haven’t smelt as damp and the moisture has been captured rather than allowed to go into the air.


Looking at the control panel a bit more, pressing the ‘Mode’ button toggles between ‘Smart Mode’ and ‘Max’ – the latter increases the fan speed to 2. When in ‘Max’, you can also press the ‘Timer’ button (like when in ‘Laundry Mode’), to set a 2, 4 or 8 hour operation period. The bottom left button is ‘On/Off’ and obviously does what it says on the tin.

Over on the other side, the middle right button toggles between a speed fan of 1 and 2, whilst the bottom right button is ‘Air Purification Mode’ which dust, bacteria and bad odours. I’ve put this mode on a few times, but it’s difficult to physically see a difference. Either way, considering that we’ve all been a bit ill recently and Toddler L’s nappies are particularly pungent, sticking on this mode makes me feel like I’m helping!

The dehumidifier collects the water in a container housed inside the unit at a rate of 18 litres per day. This can be emptied manually at any point, but you are told when the tank is full and needs to be emptied. This is indicated by a red symbol on the control panel of the unit.


The water tank is accessible by simply pulling open the hinged compartment at the front. You’re then able to pull forward the water container to unclip it, then pull it out using the integrated handle. This literally takes a few seconds so is really easy to take out and put back in.


The water tank can hold 2.5 litres of water, so it’s a pretty decent size. Despite being pretty large, I’ve been massively surprised at how quickly it fills up. On the assumption that we do washing every other day and have the dehumidifier running on ‘Smart Mode’, I’d say that we’ve been emptying the water tank every two / three days. To empty it, I’ve just been tipping the water directly down the sink – there’s a hole with a spout on the top which makes it easy to empty and prevents water spillage.


I’ve been really impressed with the Ebac dehumidifier. My only slight criticism is the noise – it’s not loud, but it’s also not quiet. As such, we do notice it reverberating around the house when we have it switched on. For comparison purposes, I’d probably say that it’s the same level of noise as a mini fridge when it’s on ‘Smart Mode’. We’re used to it and it’s now just background noise (e.g. we sleep through it), but I expected it to be a bit quieter.

On the whole though, I really like it. I’ve found it really simple to use and have noticed a difference with things like how quickly washing drys and reduced condensation on the windows. As such, it effectively does the two jobs that we hoped that it would do.

The proof is within the water tank. In the month we’ve owned the 3650e, I’ve probably emptied the water tank 10 or so times. That’s like 25 litres of water that has been removed from our home which would otherwise contribute to things like damp, mould and condensation. It’s a bit like vacuuming the carpet – you can’t see the individual bits, but you feel a lot better when you empty it and see the culmination of what’s been captured.


The Ebac 3650e 18 litre dehumidifier is available from a number of retailers. The RRP is £199.99, however I’ve seen it on offer for slightly less than that. Like most things home tech, dehumidifiers vary a lot in price depending on features – a quick Google suggests you could spend between £50 for a basic one and £350 for an all-singing all-dancing one. For me, £200 is probably a little higher than I’d want to pay – however, it does a great job and I’d probably be happy to pay that as it seems a good investment.


I’m really happy with the Ebac 3650e dehumidifier. It’s simple to use, easy to empty, is portable and extracts a surprising amount of water out of the atmosphere. In ‘Smart Mode’ I’m emptying the 2.5 litre tank every couple of days. That’s water that would just be going into our home normally, thus contributing to damp, mould and condensation.

As such, I’ve noticed a big difference in condensation on the windows. Before the dehumidifier, it wasn’t uncommon for our upstairs windows to have a layer of condensation at the bottom. However, with the dehumidifier, I’ve only seen condensation on the windows a couple of times. It’s therefore having a definite impact on the amount of water in the house.

I particularly like ‘Smart Mode’ as it means the dehumidifier turns on and off automatically. This means that you can just turn it on and let it do its thing. Similarly, I like the ‘Laundry Mode’ which allows you to boost the dehumidifier to dry clothes quicker – something I’ve noticed since we got the Ebac.

My only slight quibble is the noise. It’s a low hum rather than anything like a jet engine, but you can hear it and it does take a bit of getting used to. However, I’m more than happy to take a bit of noise considering the great job it does at extracting water.

All in all, I’ve been very impressed and would have no issues in recommending the dehumidifier to others.

The DADventurer Star Rating

5 out of 5 stars

N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the product. The dehumidifier was sent to me by Ebac with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the product.