Review: Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Back in October last year, I had the opportunity to head to Dyson HQ for the #NoCordsAttached Blogger Event. This gave me the chance to get up close and personal with the latest V6 cordless vacuum cleaners, including the Dyson V6 Total Clean, V6 Absolute, V6 Fluffy and V6 Animal.

Despite already owning a Dyson vacuum and knowing how awesome they are, I was genuinely impressed with the new V6 cordless vacuums that I tried. They had a lot of power, were relatively light and the fact that they didn’t have a cord was a massive bonus.

After the event, we were each given a Dyson V6 Total Clean – which is exclusive to Currys – to take home and review. A pretty incredible and unexpected perk! Having used the cordless vacuum for the past few months, below you’ll find my review of the Dyson V6 Total Clean vacuum cleaner.

Product Description

The product is described as:

Clean for longer with the powerful Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. With no cord and no hassle, you’ll be able to easily clean all areas in your house, even the awkward spaces you previously avoided.

Sucking up as much dust as a corded vacuum, the V6 Total Clean has 75% more brush bar power and an additional cleaner head designed for hard floors. Featuring a max power mode at the touch of a button, you will be provided with six minutes of even higher suction for the more demanding tasks.

The V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner conveniently transforms into a handheld unit, perfect for quick clean-ups, spot cleaning or tricky to reach areas. Complete with all the tool you’ll need, the V6 Total Clean comes with a soft roller cleaner head, ideal for hard floors, a direct-drive cleaner head allowing bristles to push deeper into the carpet and a mini motorised tool to remove pet hair and hard to lift dirt.

A convenient docking station which can be wall mounted, holds all the additional attachments and charges and stores the vacuum. Powered by the Dyson digital V6 motor, you will have access to reliable power with the Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Product features include:

  • Run time: 20 minutes
  • Capacity: 0.4 litres
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours
  • Power: 21.6 V

Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Box and Components

Product Experience

After Toddler L had decided that the box would make a good place to sit, I eventually managed to wrestle her away from it and take out the contents. Within the box, I found the hand held unit, the wand, the docking station with charger, the direct-drive cleaner head, the soft roller cleaner head, the mini-motorised tool, the combination tool and the rigid crevice tool.

The first thing I decided to do was attach the docking station to the wall so that it could store and charge the vacuum. To fit to the wall, I was required to drill two holes, insert wall plugs and then screw the docking station in place. Prior to attaching to the wall, you can run the charger wire up the back of the docking station so that it stays in place, remains tidy and automatically charges the vacuum when it slots into the docking station – a full charge is around 3. 5 hours.

In addition to storing the vacuum, wand and a cleaner head together, there are two additional slots where you can store a further two attachments. The result is a very convenient storage and charging solution which keeps the vacuum safe, tidy and out of the way. The fact that the grey and red of the Dyson V6 Total Clean perfectly matches our kitchen colour scheme is a very welcome bonus!

Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Attached To The Wall

Having used the vacuum multiple times per week for the last four or so months, I feel like I’m in a good position to comment on how well the vacuum works. I’ll move on to performance later, but first let me explain some of the other stuff.

I’ve found that the Dyson V6 Total Clean is surprising light and well balanced, particularly when compared to an upright vacuum. It is comfortable to hold in one hand, and as the centre of gravity is located near the handle, it is easy to operate at any height.

The fact that it is cordless is also pretty cool. This allows you to clean anywhere without having to worry about the cord getting trapped, running out of cord length or even needing to plug it in. I’ve found that this makes vacuuming a very quick and easy job – there is literally no set up time and you can take it anywhere in the house within seconds (well, depending on how fast you run.)

As I’ve come to expect from Dyson, switching between the attachments is particularly easy. You simply press the release button on the handheld unit or wand, pull out the accessory, then slot in the new one. This means you can switch between different jobs in seconds, such as going from carpet to hard floors to surfaces. A similar release mechanism is used for the 0.4L bin too – you just need to press the release catch and all of the crap that you’ve sucked up falls out.

Now on to the actual performance of the Dyson V6 Total Clean. I don’t really understand what this means, but the vacuum has a digital motor which spins up to 110,000 rpm, two tier radial cylone technology and a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery. What I do know though is that this creates a particularly powerful suction. Every time I use it, I’m amazed at how much dirt is sucked up which demonstrates just how powerful the Total Clean is. There is a normal setting and a ‘Max Power’ setting – the latter drains the battery quicker but provides a higher suction.

For our carpets on the stairs and upstairs, we use the direct-drive cleaner head. This is pretty sizeable at 25cm wide, which means it doesn’t take too long to vacuum the floor. It has stiff nylon bristles which run diagonally along the brush bar and a powerful direct-drive motor which helps to remove ground-in dirt. I’ve found this to be really effective on our carpets, although I often use the ‘Max Power’ setting to ensure I’m sucking everything up.

Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review Direct Drive Cleaner Head Carpet

For downstairs – where we have a wooden laminate floor, kichen floor tiles and lino – we use the soft roller cleaner head. It is 25cm wide, is made up of soft woven nylon and has four rows of anti-static carbon fibre filaments – this allows both fine dust and large debris to be collected. I’ve found that this works really well on the hard floors – it sucks to the floor well and does a quick and easy job of dealing with any mess on the floor.

Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review Soft Roller Cleaner Head Hard Floor

I’m a massive fan of the mini-motorised tool which I use with the vacuum in handheld mode, i.e. without the wand. It has stiff nylon bristles which help to remove things like hair and ground-in dirt from the dog’s bed furniture and car seats. Having a long-haired sausage dog, I’m amazed at how much hair he sheds in his bed, so I find the mini-motorised tool perfect for giving his bed a quick once over. Similarly, Toddler L tends to drop a lot of crumbs on the settee, so this tool does a great job of sucking them up off the furniture.

Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review Mini Motorised Tool

There’s also the combination tool and rigid crevice tool which come in handy every now and then. For instance, we use the former to dust shelves and surfaces, whilst the latter is handy for vacuuming skirting boards or running along edges. Check out my video below which shows the Dyson V6 in action:

As amazing as the Dyson V6 Total Clean is, I do have a couple of little gripes though. Firstly, you need to keep the trigger held for the vacuum to work. If you’re cleaning for 20 minutes continually, this does ache your hand after a while, so I’d like to see the ability to keep it switched on without having to keep the trigger held. Secondly, I found that the filter falls out pretty easily when the vacuum is turned to the side and upside down – this can be annoying when in handheld mode.

Finally, I’d love to have a longer battery life. It is claimed that the vacuum lasts for 20 minutes (I’ve not timed it, so can’t comment on actual time), but it has died on me frequently when I’ve been using it. I quite like to blitz the house all in one go, but have had to stop and recharge when the battery has run out half way through, particularly when you make use of “Max” mode.

All in all, the Dyson V6 Total Clean is an awesome bit of kit which has honestly made vacuuming an easier, quicker, and dare I say, enjoyable chore. It is obvious that a lot of innovation and expertise has gone into the product, which results in a near perfect bit of tech and something which we’d not be able to live without.


The Dyson V6 Total Clean costs £429.99 and is exclusive to Currys. There’s no getting away from it – this is pretty expensive and the cost alone means that a lot of households would be priced out of buying one. You can pick up a cordless vacuum from £100, but these are no where near as good as a Dyson V6. The bottom line is that if you want the best, then you’re going to have to pay top dollar.



The Dyson V6 Total Clean vacuum cleaner is awesome. Unlike a lot of things, this delivers on both aesthetics and performance. Not only does it look pretty – and perfectly matches our kitchen – but it provides an unparalleled vacuuming experience. You’ve just got to look at the amount of dirt that’s sucked up to realise how effective it is.

One of the great things about the Total Clean is that it is cordless. This means that you can easily and quickly go anywhere in the house – or even further afield such as the car – without having to worry about the cable or plug sockets.

It also comes with a number of accessories to make vacuuming easier. The Total Clean has the direct-drive cleaner head for carpets, the soft roller cleaner head for hard floors and the mini motorised tool for upholstery – this means that it does pretty much any job that you want it to.

I do have one or two little niggles, such as price, battery life and having to continually keep the trigger pressed, but I’m really splitting hairs. Hairs, which no doubt, the Dyson V6 Total Clean would easy suck up! All in all, a fantastic bit of kit which means we now clean more frequently but with much less effort.

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4.5 out of 5 Stars

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N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the product. The Dyson V6 Total Clean vacuum cleaner was sent to me by Dyson / Currys with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the product.

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