Review & Giveaway: Win A Valentine’s Day Bouquet From Debenhams Flowers (RRP £44.99)

After 10 years of birthdays, Christmasses, Valentine’s Days and just becauses, I need all of the help I can get when it comes to romantic gestures. I’ll admit, I’m all out of ideas and generally just a bit crap at spoiling the missus. If this sounds like you, then I have some good news!  I’ve teamed up with Debenhams Flowers for a giveaway which could give you the chance to win a beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet for your loved one. How awesome is that?!

On offer to one lucky winner is the Designer Goddess – a luxury bouquet of elegant sweet avalanche roses with velvet red grand prix roses and heavenly scented white freesia. Costing £44.95, each bouquet includes 5 x Grand Prix Rose, 5 x Sweet Avalanche Rose, 4 x Pink Eustoma, 5 x White Freesia, 3 x Parvi Euc and 3 x Hard Ruscus.

I was sent the same bouquet for review as an early Valentine’s Day surprise for the missus. From what I saw on the website, I really liked the look of these particular Valentine’s Day flowers. I wanted something for the missus which wasn’t just traditional red roses, so liked the fact that this included a number of other types of flowers with the red rose. Although I don’t know what many of these flowers actually are, I thought the result looked pretty nice!

I ordered the bouquet on a Wednesday and they were delivered by courier to my door less than 24 hours later – a very speedy service for that last minute romantic gesture – or an apology if you’re in the dog house. When the missus got home from work, she was greeted with a large black box which housed the flowers – on opening the box, she was presented with a bouquet of flowers in bubble wrap and gift wrap. Care had obviously been taken to ensure that the flowers arrived in great condition for her.

Debenhams Flowers Review And Giveaway Designer Goddess Valentine's Day Bouquet Opening Box

As per the care instructions, we cut an inch or so from the bottom of each stem, filled a vase with water, removed any leaves that would be in the water, then arranged the flowers in the vase. The instruction said that you should add the food sachet to the water in the vase, but we couldn’t find a food sachet anywhere which was a shame. The care instructions said to keep them in a cool place out of direct sunlight – as we have a toddler, we now have very few places to put something which is breakable, so we chose the dining table to keep them out of her tiny grasp.

Once in the vase, the flowers looked really nice – the large red and pink roses stood out in particular. In order to guarantee that the bouquet is as fresh as possible, quite a few of the flowers were still in bud on delivery. These have slowly started to emerge as the flowers have been on display, meaning that each each day there is something different to look at. Recently we’ve been seeing a bit more white and purple appearing, although there are still a few flowers in bud which haven’t yet shown their true colours.

Debenhams Flowers Review And Giveaway Designer Goddess Valentine's Day Close Up And In Vase

The most important thing was the missus’ reaction and impression of the flowers. Luckily, for me, she was very chuffed. She commented on how full the bouquet was, how she liked the various different colours and how nicely presented they were. All in all, one happy lady thanks to Debenhams Flowers.

I can also share with you an exclusive reader discount code to spend at Debenhams Flowers on their Valentine’s Day flowers. For 25% off any bouquet (apart from the ‘Flowers By Post’ range), simply enter code DFBLOG25 at checkout.

So, to give your loved one a romantic gesture on the most romantic day of the year (that’s the 14th February, just in case you weren’t sure), simply login to Rafflecopter below and complete one, or a combination, of the optional entry options to be in with a chance of winning this stunning Designer Goddess Valentine’s Day bouquet worth £44.95. Good luck and happy comping!



Terms And Conditions

The giveaway is for a Valentine’s Day bouquet (Designer Goddess) from Debenhams Flowers. The giveaway closes at 12.00am (GMT) on Monday 8th February 2016 and is open to UK entrants only. The giveaway can be entered by logging into Rafflecopter and doing one, or a combination, of the following: (1) Visiting the Debenhams Flowers’ website, then leaving a blog post comment to the question ‘What is your favourite Debenhams Flowers’ Valentine’s Day bouquet?’, (2) Provide your email address to opt in to the Debenhams Flowers’ mailing list, (3) Tweet about the giveaway, (4) Follow The DADventurer on Twitter, (5) Visit The DADventurer on Facebook, and/or (6) Give The DADventurer +K on Klout. The winner will be selected at random using Rafflecopter and contacted within three days of the giveaway closing. The winner has three days to claim their prize and provide their contact details. The prize will be sent to the winner directly from Debenhams Flowers within three working days of the prize being claimed by the winner. The prize is non-transferable. Email addresses of those who have opted in to the Debenhams Flowers’ mailing list (entry option 2) will be passed to Debenhams Flowers only after the giveaway ends. The giveaway is run by The DADventurer in conjunction with Debenhams Flowers.

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N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the product. The Valentine’s Day bouquet was sent to me by Debenhams Flowers with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the product.

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    Designer Passion
    Designer Passion
    Designer Passion

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    Designer Passion



    Designer Passion




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  • helena h

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