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As a stay-at-home dad, modern man, househusband, kept man or whatever else you want to call me, the majority of the domestic tasks fall firmly at my feet. Whilst the missus is out earning the money, I *should* be looking after the sprog whilst doing all of the household chores.

The truth though, is that with a chaotic toddler running amok around the house, I don’t get much time to do it all. With my daughter slightly higher in my priority order than cleaning the bog, it’s unsurprising that tasks around the house take a backseat. It’s a successful day if I’ve managed to clear up her toys, get the tea on, stick some clothes in the washing machine and load the dishwasher before the missus comes home from work. These successful days don’t come around very often…

Considering I don’t have enough time or energy to do the basic household tasks, anything above and beyond this obviously isn’t going to happen. I’m therefore not too proud to accept help when it comes calling. This is exactly what happened the other week when I received an email from Johnson Cleaners about their Click Clean Deliver dry cleaning service.

This new online service allows you to have your heavy household items – curtains, sofa covers, bedding etc – picked up from your home by courier, taken to a specialist centre to be cleaned and then returned back to your door. This means you can still get the professionals to do the cleaning for you, but you don’t have to waste time or effort heading to the high street. Just what I needed.

Although we’ve always tried to take care of our stuff, babies and toddlers have a habit of ruining things. Our sofas are six years old and were in perfect condition until the sprog was born. Since then, they’ve been subject to all manner of things, which has resulted in stains, smears and blemishes on our sofa cushion covers.

I don’t want to get too graphic, but they have definitely been on the receiving end of food spillages, snot, dribble, sick and crap. Totally disgusting, but one of the side effects of owning a tiny human. If you want to play a little game, see if you can match the correct stain and orifice in the photos below…



I’ve attempted to clean these stains with various products – Vanish, bicarbonate of soda and a steam cleaner – but this hasn’t removed them. If anything, it’s just made the marks more obvious. Having flipped the sofa cushions in every way possible to hide these discolourations, the chance to test the Click Clean Deliver service was too good to turn down. As such, we decided to send off our eight sofa cushion covers to get them properly seen to.


I found the online ordering process very straightforward and didn’t encounter any issues during it. To place my order, I first needed to register then went to the ‘Online Ordering’ section of the website. I then selected ‘Curtains, Duvets and More’, then ‘Home Furnishings’, then was given a range of options, including ‘3 Piece Suite Covers’, which is the one I wanted. I pressed the ‘+’ which added it to my basket and updated the amount I had to pay. Here’s a screenshot during the process.


Next, I clicked on ‘Checkout’ which took me through to the ‘Your Details’ and ‘Collection and Delivery Details’ sections where I added things like my address and the date of pickup. The final step of the Click Clean Deliver online process was to add my credit card details and pay. All in all, a pretty simple and intuitive process.

All I needed to do now was print off the confirmation, take the covers off the cushions, stick them in a bag and wait for them to be picked up. It was possible to get them collected in two days time, but I wasn’t going to be at home until the following week so chose a date accordingly. I also read somewhere that it was going to be a week before we’d get them back – this made sense considering the time needed to deliver, clean and send back to us after the weekend, but I’d kind of assumed it would be shorter than that.

The day before the covers were picked up, I received both an automated email and personal email confirming that delivery would be tomorrow via Interlink. Then, on the pick up day, I received another email telling me which one-hour window the courier would arrive between. This was really handy as it meant I didn’t have to wait in all day like usual. The driver arrived, inserted my package in his box – not a euphemism – then took it to some magical place where someone would transform the covers to their pre-toddler state.

After sitting on a blanket-covered sofa for the best part of a week, I had an email from Johnson saying that the sofa cushions had been washed and that they were ready for delivery. I could have had them sent on the Monday – which would have been six days since collection – however I was out that day so arranged it for the Tuesday instead. Similarly to when they were picked up, I received an email reminder with a one-hour time slot. The communication throughout the Click Clean Deliver process was top notch.


The courier gave me a box – which was a little on the battered side – containing my cushion covers in two polythene bags. Obviously Toddler L attempted to help, which consisted of her sitting in the box and getting in the way whenever I tried to take a photo. On opening the bags, the covers were nicely folded and certainly looked in a much better state.

After six years of use, numerous stains and bleaching due to the sun, the covers were never going to look brand new. However, they have definitely been revamped by the Click Clean Deliver service. You can still see a few discolourations, but I was expecting this to be honest. For me, the whole point was to give them a much needed clean and get rid of some of the stains and smells lurking in the fabric. I’ve given the covers the sniff test – before and after – and they definitely are fresher now than previously.




The total Click Clean Deliver cost came to just over £60 – which included pick up and delivery – for the eight covers. Having never had them cleaned before, I don’t know how this compares, but I’d have no issues in spending this again to get them professionally seen to. After all, you’re probably only going to get items like this cleaned very infrequently – well, assuming there’s no more poonami or sick explosion incidents again.


I have no complaints whatsoever about the Johnson Cleaners Click Clean Deliver dry cleaning service. I found the website ordering to be straightforward, was kept well informed during the entire process and am really happy with the end results. The fact that the items are picked up and dropped off at the house is great too as it meant that I had to put in very minimal effort compared to going to the high street. All in all, a great experience of the service and I’d definitely consider using Click Clean Deliver for other heavy household items – curtains, duvets etc – that rarely get washed.

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N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the service. The cost of the dry cleaning was reimbursed by Johnson Cleaners in exchange for writing an honest opinion of the Click Clean Deliver service.