Review: Morphy Richards Redefine ATOMiST Vapour Iron

There’s certain things that fall by the wayside when you have a kid. Since Toddler L popped into the world, we’ve cut down on the frequency and changed how we do household tasks. This has allowed us to either spend more time with the sprog, do what we deem ‘more important things’ or just recharge our batteries as she naps.

For instance, we now use the dishwasher instead of manually washing pots, we have our supermarket shopping delivered to our house rather than going in-store, we use the slow cooker to prepare food in advance and non-essential tasks like ironing have been sacked off.

For some people – my Mum and Grandma included – failing to iron your clean clothes is seen as sacrilege. Prior to the sprog, when I was a ‘high-flying’ business consultant donning suits every day, ironing my shirts was a weekly task. However, wearing a suit as a stay-at-home dad could be considered a little odd, so our old, crappy iron had been relegated to the back of a cupboard and our ironing board was taken to the tip after it broke.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to iron though. I’ll be honest, sometimes we look a bit of a state with our creased clothes, it’s just that it can be a bit of a boring job, takes ages to perform with our dodgy iron and clothes just get creased again.

It was therefore a pretty simple decision when Morphy Richards got in touch to ask if we wanted to try out and review their Redefine Atomist vapour glass iron. Although we rarely iron these days, I was interested to see whether a new iron with state-of-the-art technology would us start again by making the task quicker, easier and more enjoyable. Below is my review of the Morphy Richards Redefine Atomist iron, but first, how about a quick video demo:

Product Description

The product is described as:

Now there’s a new way to iron; Morphy Richards innovative ATOMiST vapour iron with patented thermoglass and vapour mist technology. It’s time to redefine your expectations.

  • Vapour Mist Technology – To remove creases when ironing you require heat, moisture and pressure. The Atomist Iron uses vapour mist technology to deliver moisture when ironing, rather than steam. The fine mist is delivered by a nozzle at the front of the iron and is activated by a trigger under the handle. The vapour mist penetrates deep into fibres and along with the thermoglass soleplate the iron gives the right amount of heat, moisture and pressure to remove creases with ease. As the water for the mist is not heated it will be limescale free always, giving longer lasting performance and no annoying marking of garments.
  • A New Way To Iron – This patented technology makes ironing easy and gives your clothes a good finish without the need for steam, using 75 per cent less energy.
  • Fast Powerful Heat Up – This iron heats up quickly and the impact resistant ceramic glass allows you to see creases disappear as you iron.
  • Refill Less Often – The removable water tank can be filled straight from the tap, the iron uses 80 per cent less water and gives up to 2 hours continuous ironing time.
  • Precision Temperature Control – One-touch heat selection lets you select the right temperature for your clothes with ease.
  • Auto Shut Off – If the iron has not been used for 10 minutes, the iron will automatically enter standby mode, both for safety and energy saving.
  • A Better Experience – The vapour mist system is surprisingly quiet and doesn’t create the humidity like steam irons can. It is also lightweight and ergonomically designed to make your ironing experience easier.
  • Integrated Cable Tidy – When the product is not in use, the power cable can be stored neatly in the cable tidy located on the back of the water tank.

Morphy Richards Redefine Atomist Vapour Iron Review Iron Next To Base Off

Product Experience

On receiving the Atomist, I found that it was well packaged within the box to protect it from any damage – a good thing considering the iron features a glass bottom. I took it out of the box and was greeted with just two components – the iron and the base unit – which were connected via a cord. That’s my kind of assembly!

Morphy Richards Redefine Atomist Vapour Iron Review Iron and Base Off

My initial impressions of the Atomist were mixed. I loved the design of the iron, particularly the black and silver colour, the blue lighting when switched on, the see-through base and minimalistic, ergenomic shape. However, I was really surprised at how bulky and heavy the base was – it felt a very big bit of kit compared to other irons I’ve used which haven’t had a separate base / water tank.

Setting up the Atomist iron was pretty simple. I removed the water tank from the base unit, filled it with water from the tap via the hole on the top, placed the water tank back into the base unit, then plugged the iron into the wall. Next, I pressed the button on top of the iron to turn it on (which also turns on the blue lights), then continued to press the button to scroll through the four temperature settings (Cool [120 Degrees Celsius], Warm [160 Degrees Celsius], Hot [210 Degrees Celsius] and Max [220 Degrees Celsius]) – when the iron reached the right temperature, the lights stopped flashing.

Morphy Richards Redefine ATOMiST Vapour Iron Review Water Tank

I was then ready to use the iron. You can pull the trigger underneath the handle, which takes water from the water tank up through cord and out of the nozzle on the front, to apply a light vapour mist onto the item of clothing – the purpose being to dampen any creases prior to ironing. You then put the Atomist onto the garment and move it back and forth like you would with any iron. Because the iron has a see-through Thermoglass soleplate, you can actually look at what you’re ironing and see the creases disappear.

I doubt that I’m ever going to say that ironing is an enjoyable experience, but the Atomist has been much better than our old one. The actual iron was quite lightweight and felt nice to hold, making it easy to move around over items of clothing. I also really liked how you only have four setting and that the iron tells you when it’s reached that temperature – much simpler than our old iron which had a dial to turn with really confusing temperature icons.

Morphy Richards Redefine ATOMiST Vapour Iron Review Top Down Shirt

The vapour mist was also pretty cool (although you can use as a dry iron too). It gave a light mist across the garments but did not soak them through like I’ve come to expect from our old iron – supposedly, this technology uses 75% less energy too, but I’d have no idea how to go about testing! The use of vapour mist also means it is limescale free – something that we’re continually battling with due to the hard water where we live. Although a bit of a gimmick, I did enjoy looking through the Thermoglass soleplate to watch the creases disappear too.

It’s also worth noting that it features an auto shut-off function if not used for 10 minutes meaning that it saves energy and acts as a safety measure. When you’ve got a toddler and dog distracting you at every turn, having features like this does provide reassurance in case your brain stops working for a bit.

Morphy Richards Redefine ATOMiST Vapour Iron Review Side

In terms of negatives, my only real bugbear is the size and weight of the base which I mentioned at the start. I can understand why it’s that big – a large tank means you don’t have to continually fill it up, you can rest the iron on the rubber pads during use and it allows you to tidy the power cable – but it just feels a bit oversized and doesn’t lend itself to easy storage.

All in all, the Atomist is a great bit of tech which makes ironing a simpler, quicker and more efficient job. I doubt we’ll be ironing everything we own from now on because it still doesn’t rank that high on our list of things to do, but there’s a much greater chance that the missus’ work clothes or the sprog’s dresses will be getting a once over.

Morphy Richards Redefine Atomist Vapour Iron Review Ironing


The Morphy Richards Atomist iron retails at £249.99 and can be bought from the likes of Currys, Debenhams and Amazon, however a quick Google suggests that it is available at a reduced price of around £200 in various shops.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is very pricey, particularly considering that you could pick up a bog standard, branded iron for little more than a tenner. However, as with most tech products, you get what you pay for and I can see why the Atomist is priced at the top end of the market.

Would I pay £250 (or even £200) for an iron? I highly doubt it. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, it’s just that we rarely iron these days so this would be a considerable chunk of money for something that may not get much use. For someone like my Mum or Grandma who still religiously iron every item they wash, I could see the Atomist being a decent long term investment which would make the task or ironing quicker and easier.


The Morphy Richards Atomist iron is a great bit of kit – if you’re looking for something to help with the ironing which features the latest technology, then you can’t go wrong with this. My main reservation – and I imagine it would be a barrier to most people – is the whopping £250 cost. Also, personally, I find the base unit to be a bit big and heavy, which makes storage a bit of a problem.

If you can get passed these points, the Atomist is a fab iron which we found performs really well. As you’d hope – and expect – it removed creases from the garments that we ironed and it felt comfortable to use with it’s ergonomic and lightweight design. With just one button to select temperatures and the trigger to spray out a fine mist, it couldn’t be simpler to use. Plus, for people like us in a hard water area, this means it is limescale free.

It’s also a pretty hot iron – and I don’t just mean temperature. The design, colour and aesthetics screams quality, making it an item you could imagine in any Grand Designs property. As well as a fast and powerful heat up, the Thermoglass soleplate also provides the pretty unique ability to actually see what you are ironing.

As previously mentioned in the review, we’ve barely ironed since Toddler L came into the world. We’re unlikely to start ironing every single item we wash, but I fully expect that we’ll do more ironing than we previously did because of the Atomist.

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4 out of 5 Stars

N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the product. The ATOMiST iron was sent to me by Morphy Richards with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the product.

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