Review: Smart Men’s Flowers – Flower Delivery Made Simple

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, my thoughts have turned to that age old dilemma of what to buy the missus. As we’re just about to hit our 11th year together, it’s hardly surprising that I ran out of ideas of what to get her for birthdays, Christmases and Valentine’s Days a number of years ago.

One of the most foolproof gifts for a loved one are flowers – particularly in time for the 14th February. Although buying flowers shouldn’t be difficult, I’ll admit that I struggle a bit. For someone with no interest and little knowledge of those blossoming blooms, I struggle with what to buy. This isn’t helped by the huge array of choices, different pricing structures and ‘snobbery’ around what flowers should be used when.

So, when I recently heard about Smart Men’s Flowers, I’ll admit that I was intrigued by the concept. Set up by a husband and wife team, their own experience – Mike regularly forgets special occasions – and market research indicated a gap in the flower market for blokes. Typically, they found that flower websites cater for women and that men were overwhelmed by choice and just wanted something quick, easy and straightforward.

With that idea, the duo created Smart Men’s Flowers as a simple solution to buying flowers. With eight bouquets all available at the same price and including next day delivery, flowers can be ordered within just a few clicks. What’s more, there’s also the option of a one-off delivery or an annual gift subscription service to give a timely reminder when significant events approach.

Obviously the concept is aimed at the men of the world, but there’s nothing to stop women buying from the site too. Ultimately, it’s a service which aims to take the hassle out of buying flowers by bringing it back to basics. Yeah, the name might be a bit sexist and exclusive, but I don’t avoid shopping at Mothercare despite their lack of ‘dadcare’.

With this in mind, I agreed to try out the service and was sent two of their bouquets in time for Valentine’s Day. Below, you’ll find my review:


The service is described as:

Smart Men’s Flowers send beautiful quality bouquets to your loved ones, totally hassle-free. We offer 8 beautiful bouquets to everyone’s taste at the same price of £29. You choose the loved ones, the delivery mode, and the personalised message card.…That’s it…no more to it!

With the Annual Gift Subscription, you can choose the loved one(s) you want to send flowers to on an annual basis like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s day, etc. We will send a beautiful bouquet every year. We also deliver a different bouquet every year, making sure that your loved one gets an original flower composition. You can cancel or amend your subscription at any time.


As Smart Men’s Flowers placed the order for me, I wasn’t able to properly try out the online ordering process. However, I’ve had a look around the site and everything seems relatively straight forward. Firstly, you choose the flowers you want, enter the recipient details and choose a date.

You then make a decision as to whether you want delivery to be hand-delivered or letterbox and whether you want it to be a one-off delivery or subscription. You can then go with a default message on the card or personal / no message, before checking out and paying. As I say, I didn’t go through this process, but it all looked as you’d expect of a flower delivery site.

The flowers had been ordered on the Wednesday and they arrived with me on the Thursday thanks to the wonders of next day delivery. However, my first impression wasn’t great as the two boxes had been left outside of my front door in plain view of the world. I can’t blame Smart Men’s Flowers for this as it’s obviously the delivery company (ahem, Royal Mail) who were careless, but bad weather or a passing-by chancer could easily have ruined the surprise.

I – or should that be the missus – received two boxes. The first was a nicely decorated hand-delivered bouquet which you’d choose if you were going to be at home. The second was a plain, thin cardboard box which you’d pick if you wanted letterbox delivery. The letterbox delivery is a great idea as it means you don’t need to be in the house like you normally need to be to accept a delivery – in theory, it just fits through the letterbox. However, for whatever reason, the previous owners of our house added a smaller-than-usual letterbox, so this box was still too big to fit through our door.

On opening the boxes, I was greeted with the flowers. The larger box contained a bouquet of 12 Red Monte Carlo Roses with Gypsophilia (which Google tells me are weirdly known as baby’s-breath). These were already nicely arranged, protected with cellophane sheets and stood in a plastic pot to keep them watered. Within the smaller, letterbox sized box, I found 10 White Avalanche Roses, Gypsophilia and Green Bell. These were laid top to bottom and tied together within a few sheets of paper – there was obviously less packaging and no ‘water source’ due to the thinner box size.

Next came the actual arrangement of the flowers. This is the bit I hate as I don’t really ‘get’ flowers or understand what they should look like. The bouquets came with a little card though which explained what I needed to do, i.e. trim the stems, remove any low down leaves, put water in the vase and add the flower food. Unfortunately I found that one of the flower food sachets was missing, however I just split it between both vases.

Although I know very little about flowers, my untrained eye could see that these were nice. They were fresh, colourful and had a pleasant smell – I’m pretty sure that these are three of the most important things when it comes to flowers. Rather than just white and red roses on their own, I liked the fact that these came with something else. I don’t know what the technical jargon is, but the complimentary flowers helped to fill out the bouquet and create a nice contrast – particularly the white and red. Here’s some photos – FYI, the red roses are the red ones and the white roses are the white ones…

We’ve had the flowers for four days now and they still look nice in our living room. Previous flowers I’ve bought have started to die and wilt quite quickly, so it’s good that these have a bit of longevity to them. It’s not about me though, is it? I asked the missus what she thought, and I quote “It was a surprise to come home from work and find the flowers. I don’t often get flowers (hint hint), so it’s been a nice change to have them brightening up our living room. I really like both bouquets and they’re definitely some of the nicest roses I’ve been given.”


As mentioned, all eight bouquets available on the Smart Men’s Flowers site cost £29. This simple pricing means that you don’t need to factor in cost when choosing between the flowers, which is another way of avoiding confusion. At a quid under £30 – and including next day delivery – these are competitively priced when compared to other companies I’ve bought flowers from. In addition, at the time of writing, there’s numerous offers on the flowers ahead of Valentine’s Day – for example, the red roses above are available for a bargainous £14.


I’ve been impressed with Smart Men’s Flowers. I like the concept of simplifying flower delivery by taking away some of the choice you find on other sites. Personally speaking, if I’m buying something like flowers, I really don’t care about the subtle differences in bouquets and just want to get them bought as quick as possible. By removing different price points, offering eight standard bouquets and providing a reminder service, the website achieves this.

Sure, the name may be a little divisive and put some women off ordering from them, but ultimately the whole idea is just about taking the hassle out of buying flowers for a loved one. In terms of the actual flowers, they were well packaged, looked nice and were evidently good quality. No complaints in this department from me at all.

As mentioned, I was a little disappointed with two aspects though – firstly, our boxes were just left at the front of our house. This isn’t Smart Men’s Flowers fault as it was Royal Mail who did this, however this is still frustrating and does reflect on the company you buy from. Secondly, I was missing a flower food sachet from one of the bouquets – again, not the end of the world, but it was a shame that it’d gone walkabouts and presumably means the flowers won’t last as long as they should.

All in all though, Smart Men’s Flowers provide a different type of flower delivery and gift subscription service. This is one that I’ll definitely be returning to in the future – be it Mother’s Day, birthdays, Valentine’s Day etc. The missus was happy with her bouquets and that ultimately puts me in her good books…until next week at least.

The DADventurer Star Rating

4.5 out of 5 Stars

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Smart Men’s Flowers. The review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the product / service. The two bouquets were sent to me by Smart Men’s Flowers with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the product.