Review: Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems

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Being an adult can be great, but it can also suck massively. Just think about all of those things that you don’t want to do, but because you’re now grown up (or at least appear to be) you just have to do them. If you want money, you have to work. If you want a house, you have to pay for it. If you want food, you have to cook it. If you want clean clothes, you have to wash them. Responsibilities, eugh.

Becoming a parent has shown me that my already limited time is in fact even more limited. As such, not only have we changed how we do certain things to save time – such as online supermarket shopping or no more ironing – but I’ve also enlisted Toddler L to help with the household chores. Unfortunately though, there’s some tasks that a 3-year old is just not capable of fulfilling.

Take the laundry as an example. This is definitely up there with being one of the most toddler-unfriendly household chores, meaning that the responsibility falls to me. I don’t mind loading up the machine, but I hate having to put it on the line or on the airier. In addition, doing laundry is a task that is impossible to complete – since Toddler L came into the world, our dirty washing basket has remained full despite filing up the washing machine three hundred times every day. It’s like Groundhog Day filmed on a tight budget.

So, it was with both interest and desperation that I agreed to try out the new Persil Powergems. Advertised as the ultimate laundry detergent with extraordinary powers to remove stains, care and freshen your clothes, it sounded like just the thing I needed to keep up with the family’s laundry.

Product Description

The product is described as:

The new Powergems (available in bio and non-bio) are the ultimate laundry detergent from Persil. Just one concentrated dose contains triple power to remove tough stains, care for your clothes and intensify freshness.

  •  Stain Removal*: Persil Powergems are packed with more stain removal power to help tackle stubborn stains; they contain two and a half times more cleaning agents for oil and grease based stains and eight times more fabric shielding molecules to ensure the ultimate all-round performance for your clothes.
  • Care: The unique format of Persil Powergems is free from ingredients which can leave residue on fabric. This allows the product to care deeply for your clothes, helping them to stay as good as new for longer**.  An additional caring benefit is that Persil Powergems will help to both retain the bright colours of your clothes and keep your darks dark.
  • Freshness: Persil Bio Powergems uses fragrance release technology to provide an enhanced fragrance experience. This technology allows the unique and fragrant notes of Persil

* Vs. Persil Bio Powder per g

** Vs Persil Bio Powder

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems bio and non bio containers

Product Experience

We were sent a couple of bottles of the new Persil Powergems to try out – one bio (green) and one non-bio (blue). These were both the 12 wash size bottles, however there are larger 19 and 30 wash size bottles available. In terms of price, they retail at around a fiver for the smaller bottle, however there’s plenty of offers on if you shop around.

Living with a toddler, it didn’t take long before I was trying out the new laundry detergent. The first thing to mention is that the bottles feature two caps. The top one twists off and acts as a measuring jug, then underneath there’s a second which is more of a squeeze and twist action. From recollection, a lot of bottles we use just have one lid, so this acts as an extra deterrent or safety measure to thwart kids. I’m not sure if that’s the purpose, but it certainly provides that benefit.

Once you’ve got through the caps, you’re instantly hit with the smell of the Persil Powergems. I’d love to describe the pleasant odour, but to be honest, the best I have is that they smell like fresh, clean washing – surprising, eh?! Whereas laundry detergents usually take the form of powder, liquid or tablets, the Powergems are a different and unique format.

Due to the name, I was expecting them to be quite gem-like in appearance, but they’re actually more like colourful little flakes which have 100% active ingredients. I can only assume that the name ‘Powerflakes’ was rejected as it either sounds like a breakfast cereal for superheroes or a strong dandruff shampoo.

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems close up

In fact, the new innovation has 20+ patents and has actually been 10 years in the making – that’s a looooong time! To put that into context, I was a 22-year old who’d just graduated, moved to London and was about to start my first proper job, the first ever iPhone had been launched, ‘Umbrella’ by Rhianna had been released and Barrack Obama had announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. Bet that makes you feel old?

Anyway, enough pop culture. Even though it’s different, using the Persil Powergems isn’t particularly dissimilar to any other laundry detergent – liquid, powder or tablets. Depending on the size of your load and water hardness, the bottle suggests either 32g or 50g of Powergems in your wash.

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems inside washing machine drum

The advice is to then put the Powergems into the outer green cap, then put the cap into the washing machine drum. As powder users usually, I’ll admit that I didn’t read the bottle properly first time around and instead put them into the detergent dispenser drawer. The clothes washed fine and it’s not like the washing machine blew up, but I’ve since started putting them into the drum as per the advice – I blame three-years of sleep deprivation.

One the machine has finished the wash, you get the clothes out as normal and dry them using your preferred method – well, depending on the weather. The clothes will have received the triple benefits of stain removal, care and freshness thanks to the Persil Powergems, whilst the Powergems will have magically dissolved in the wash – the green cap being the only evidence that they were once among your smalls.

To test the extraordinary powers and triple benefits of the Powergems, I thought I’d try them out on some normal parenting situations. That way, I’ll be able to see whether they’re cut out for the laundry challenges that we’re forced to deal with as parents – this included (1) particularly dirty clothes, (2) potty training accidents, and (3) the full washing basket. Here’s how I got on:

1) Dirty (Nursery) Clothes

Kids obviously get dirty no matter where they are or what they do. There’s something about nursery though which extrapolates this. Every time she comes home, she’s covered in grime – paint, food, muck and other things I’d prefer not to investigate. Then there’s the smell. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s so distinct and totally swamps her normal odour. If you lined up a bunch of kids from nursery and stuck a blindfold on me, I’d be unable to tell which one was her.

The below photo is a typical example of the state of her clothes when coming back from nursery. There’s a couple of spots that I can only assume (and hope!) is food, plus a huge smear of dusty dirt from when she went sliding across the playground as she excitedly came running over to greet me. All in all, there’s no way I’m able to get away with putting her in that again until it’s been washed.

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems dirty toddler top from nursery

I washed the above top (along with other clothes) on a 40ºC wash with 35g of Persil Powergems. On getting it out of the machine and letting it dry, I was surprised to see that all stains had vanished. I expected the dirty, dusty stains to go, but thought that the dried on food might be more of a challenge. However, that too was washed away with no evidence that it once adorned Toddler L’s now freshly smelling top.

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems dress after wash

2) Potty Training Accidents

At the time of writing, we’re six weeks into our potty training journey. Although it hasn’t been as bad as I’d feared, dealing with someone else’s bodily waste is hardly something you’d call pleasant. Luckily, we’ve not had too many disasters, but I did have to deal with the consequences of one the other day.

On picking Toddler L up from nursery, I was told me that they’d had to change her clothes due to an “accident”. It turned out that this accident was actually a poo of epic proportions as the member of staff went on to describe it with words such as “explosion”, “seeping” and “covered”. Waiting for me in Toddler L’s nursery bag was two nappy bags containing the results of said accident. The first thing I needed to do was get it into the wash – well, after posing for the photo below.

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems dad holding shitty top

I stuck the soiled items into the washing machine with 35g of Powergems on a 50ºC wash – obviously Bio for the increased stain removal power! After the wash was done, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all remnants from that poonami had vanished – it was like the potty training accident had never occurred.

Not only were those brown stains gone, but the items of clothing no longer smelt. Actually, I lie. They did smell, but it was of fresh pleasantness which was a million times better than that of toddler defecation. Considering that we’re not yet fully potty training, it’s good to know that Powergems deal well with ‘accidents’ of this nature.

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems clean washing on line outside

3) Full Washing Basket

The final challenge was dealing with the full washing basket. As good as Persil Powergems are, sadly, they are not miracle workers – I can report that I still haven’t seen the bottom of the dirty washing basket. I have come to the realisation though that this is only ever going to happen if I outsource to a team of dedicated cleaners who work 24/7.

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems full dirty washing laundry basket

What they have done though is help with the washing. For instance, previously, some clothes have gone into the wash, then come back out not 100% clean – be it some stubborn dirt that remains or a white mark from the detergent – meaning I need to rewash them. I’ve not had this issue with Powergems though, which has allowed me to avoid duplication of effort.

In addition, every item that has been washed has come out smelling clean and fresh. Considering that some clothes have been in that washing basket for months, I’m surprised that the stale smell can be removed. It just goes to show how long some of the things have been stuck near the bottom of the washing basket because I found a couple of garments that no longer fit Toddler L!

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems clean washing pile in basket


I’ve been really impressed with the Persil Powergems. When it comes to a laundry detergent, my needs are pretty simple – I want it to remove stains, care for the items, make it smell nice and not have to rewash clothes. I’ve found that the Powergems do all of these things and I’ve had no issues whatsoever. Having used them for the last few weeks, I’d have expected to have found an issue like residue left in the washing machine, clothes market with detergent or stains left on clothes, but I’ve genuinely not encountered any of this.

Review Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems toddler messy painting

To find out more about Persil Powergems visit, check out Persil UK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or have a gander at the #extraordinarypowers hashtag.

Disclosure: This is a commissioned review in collaboration with Persil.