Review: Turtle Wax Car Washing, Cleaning And Care Products

Being an adult can suck. One of the suckiest parts is having to do stuff you don’t want to do, but know you have to do it because no-one else will. Take household chores – washing, hoovering, cleaning, ironing bla bla bla. I doubt many people really enjoy doing them, but unless you can afford a cleaner, you’ve got little choice but to get out the Marigolds, duster and mop.

Being inherently lazy, it doesn’t take much to put me off doing particular jobs around the house. Take something like washing the car. The effort and faff alone to fill up bucket after bucket of water, get the hosepipe out or set up the pressure washer usually results in me not even bothering. As such, our cars are permanently dirty.

So, when I was recently contacted by Halfords about washing the car, I’ll admit that it didn’t make me jump with joy as I’d be made to do some physical work. However, they were willing to provide me with a huge bundle of Turtle Wax products which would allow me to clean, wax, polish, restore and give our cars some much needed love and attention.

The thing that interested me about the Turtle Wax products was that some of them could be used without water, so I was keen to see whether these would make the task easier, quicker and less hassle. After all, we’ve already established that it’s the water part of washing a car that puts me off. The bundle of products I was sent was as follows:

Turtle Wax Car Cleaning And Care Products Halfords

  • All Wheel Cleaner – Rapidly brings back the sparkle to all types of wheels
  • Wet ‘N’ Black – Deep, black, wet looking tyres, instantly
  • Dash & Glass – The only 2 in 1 to quickly clean plastics and glass
  • Clearvue Glass Clean – Smear free intense formula for a sparkling clean
  • Liquid Shine – Ultimate wax for all surfaces and weather conditions
  • Wax It Wet – Simply wax as you dry; high gloss finish
  • Waterless Wash – A brilliant shine without water, hose or bucket
  • Streak Free Wash & Wax – Quick drying for a flawless faster finish
  • Carnauba Car Wax – Glossier, longer lasting showroom shine
  • Renew Polish – Gently removes fine scratches and revives colour in only 1-step
  • Luxe Leather – Gently cleans, restores and protects
  • Clack In A Flash – Clear lasting shine for all plastic trim and tyres
  • Interior 1 – Powerful cleaner and stain remover with odour eliminator
  • Turtle Wax Original – Hard shell shine car wax
  • Scratch Repair Kit
  • Headlight Restorer Kit

Obviously I’m not going to write about all 16 of these products as that would be a pretty mammoth review. Plus, I’ve not had chance to use all of them just yet as there’s only so much car washing I can do. That actually gives me an idea – maybe I could set up my own valeting company now that I have all of the products I need? Or, at the very least, employ Toddler L as my lackey to do it as I count the cash? Maybe it’d look a little something like this:

Anyway, back to the review. I chose five different products to try out along the theme of ‘cleaning your car without water’. In theory, all I needed was the various different sprays and a cloth. This sounded like my type of car washing. Here’s the five Turtle Wax products I tried out:

Turtle Wax Waterless Wash

The Turtle Wax Waterless Wash cleans your car without water – yes, you heard that right – without water. Using polymer technology, dirt is absorbed up into your microfiber cloths so if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to clean your car, here’s your answer.


Halfords Turtle Wax Review Waterless Wash Spray Before Photo


Halfords Turtle Wax Review Waterless Wash Spray After Photo

This spray really appealed to me as, in theory, it meant that I could clean the outside of the car without needing to go anywhere near water. I’ve used this on both of our cars and have been really chuffed with the results. To use, you simply spray onto a microfibre cloth, then rub this all over the car, including trims and paintwork.

As you can see from the photos above, the Waterless Wash made a massive difference to the car. It was disgustingly filthy, but the spray cut through the grime and dirt with relative ease. In the space of 20 seconds, this particular door had gone from dirty to clean and shiny – so much so that my reflection is visible in the ‘after’ photo. This was the same for the rest of the car and included getting rid of bird crap and squashed bugs with very little effort.

I did notice that some smear marks were visible afterwards though, but I think this is down to the filthy state of the car and the fact I used the same cloth. I’ve since used the Waterless Wash when the car was cleaner and it worked even better at removing dust and grime without smear marks.

The wash costs £9.99 for a 500ml bottle which supposedly cleans five cars (although I’ve not used it this much yet). Due to the cost, I’d suggest that this doesn’t replace washing the car with water, but it is a great substitute if you need to quickly give the outside of the car a quick once over or there is a particularly dirty spot that needs dealing with.

Turtle Wax Clearvue Glass Clean

The Turtle Wax ClearVue Glass Clean is a high strength formula designed for interior and exterior cleaning cleaning. Combining vinegar and streak free detergent it can be used on all glass or mirrored surface of the car, restoring the safest clearest view.


Halfords Turtle Wax Review Clearvue Glass Clean Spray Before Photo


Halfords Turtle Wax Review Clearvue Glass Clean Spray After Photo

Our car windows and mirrors are usually pretty grimey so I liked the idea of a spray that would clean the inside and outside of the windows – two jobs in one. To use the glass clean, I simply sprayed onto the surface and then wiped with a cloth. I was really surprised at how easily the grime was removed and how clear the windows / mirrors were afterwards.

I usually use a cheap glass cleaner for the inside of the car windows, but this is pretty bad on the outside and water / soap is required. However, the Turtle Wax Glass Clean did an awesome job both inside and out – it even cut through a few splodges of bird crap with no effort whatsoever. The final result was sparkling glass with no visible streaks. The Clearvue Glass Cleaners costs £5 for a 500ml bottle.

Turtle Wax Dash & Glass

Turtlewax Dash & Glass 500ml is a specially designed formula that allows you to spray both the inside of your windscreen and your dash simultaneously, meaning you don’t need to worry about overspray. Easy to use, this spray is safe and effective to use on all interior hard surfaces leaving your dashboard dust-free, non-greasy and UV protected.


Halfords Turtle Wax Review Dash And Glass Spray Before Photo


Halfords Turtle Wax Review Dash And Glass Spray After Photo

Anyone with a toddler will know just how sticky and messy they can be. Since having the sprog, the number of fingerprints, stains and general bodily fluids in the car has increased exponentially. So, the idea of a spray which not only cleaned and protected all of the interior hard surfaces, but also the windows as well, really appealed.

I’d obviously already cleaned the windows with the Clearvue Glass Clean, so I didn’t bother using the Dash & Glass on them. Instead, I’ve used this a number of times to remove stains, scuffs and dust from the interior of the car. As you can see from the above photos, the spray did a really good job at removing a lot of the marks – this was literally a matter of spraying and wiping, so took no more than 10 seconds and not much effort.

Although the spray did a good job for a quick once over, it didn’t remove all of the marks on the first clean (as you can see in the ‘after’ photo). For stubborn stains and marks that have been there for months, I had to spray and wipe a few times, but on the whole, the majority of marks were removed. The spray costs £5.99 for a 500ml bottle.

Turtle Wax All Wheel Cleaner

The Turtle Wax All Wheel Cleaner removes brake dust, oil and road grime quickly and effectively for bright, sparkling wheels. The powerful acidic formula does not damage tyres and can be used on alloy, steel and plastic wheels.


Halfords Turtle Wax Review All Wheel Cleaner Before Photo


Halfords Turtle Wax Review All Wheel Cleaner After Photo

I don’t think the ‘before’ photo fully shows how dirty our wheels were – they’d not been cleaned in months and some parts of the hub cap were basically black. I therefore didn’t hold out much hope for the Turtle Wax All Wheel Cleaner, but I was massively impressed.

To use, you simply spray the liquid onto the wheel and leave for a few minutes. As the cleaner mixes with the dirt, it turns red, which gives the weird illusion that your tire is bleeding. The instructions mentioned that you then use a wheel brush to clean the wheel, but as I didn’t have one, I just used a cloth.

The results were pretty impressive. The cloth was black instantly as all of the dust and grime came off the hub cap. The ‘after’ photo above still shows some dirt on the hub cap as I literally gave it a 30 second once over, but you can really see the difference if you compare the lower inside section on both photos.

The stuff does have quite a powerful smell and is a bit sticky though – I was smelling it on my hands for a few hours afterwards. On the whole though, I was pretty amazed. I’ve used it on all of our wheels, and each time, it has made them look clean and shiny with very little effort. For best results though, I imagine that I’m going to need to invest in a brush as a cloth doesn’t get into all of the nooks and crannies. The All Wheel Cleaner costs £7 for a 500ml bottle.

Turtle Wax Interior 1

The Turtle Wax Interior 1 is designed to be used on all the upholstery and carpets in your car. It is perfect for emergency stain removal and has an added ‘odour out’, which destroys odours on contact. The integrated brush ensures a complete and thorough clean and it has anti-bacterial properties. It is also a ‘dry cleaner’ and will not leave the surface damp. It can be used as a spot cleaner for removing spills and accidents, or for a full interior valet.


Halfords Turtle Wax Interior 1 Before Photo


Halfords Turtle Wax Interior 1 After Photo

Since having a kid and dog, the upholstery in our cars have suffered. Be it muddy paw prints, smushed bits of food or stains that I’d prefer not to think about, the seats and carpets were due a clean. I hoover the car (sometimes) but that doesn’t really get rid of marks, so I was interested to try out the Turtle Wax Interior 1.

This is a foam which you spray on your upholstery, leave for a few minutes, then scrub with the yellow brush on top of the bottle. You then vacuum the surfaces to remove the dirt that has been lifted. It took me a couple of goes to get the spray of the foam right. To start with, I only squirted the foam onto little areas before deciding that an all over covering – much like an air freshener pointing at the seats – was a better approach.

Having hoovered the seats beforehand, I was surprised at the amount of dirt that came out, as evidenced by the stuff stuck in the brush in the ‘after’ photo. I found that the Interior 1 removed some of the marks and faded others, plus helped give the car a fresh clean. Just to note, in the ‘after’ photo, there are a couple of darker marks on the seat – this is some of the foam that hasn’t quite dried yet, however it disappeared shortly after I took the photo.

Although the foam didn’t remove every single mark, it definitely helped to revive the upholstery and make the car feel cleaner. Interior 1 costs £5 for a 400ml canister.


I’ve been really impressed with the different Turtle Wax products I’ve used so far and I can definitely tell a difference compared to cheaper car cleaning products. I’ve been chuffed with the results I’ve got from cleaning the car without water and feel like this makes the job easier, quicker and with less hassle.

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding and I think the ‘after’ photos tell the story of how well the products have worked compared to the ‘before’ photos. I’ll definitely be using all of these Turtle Wax products again.

The DADventurer Star Rating

Waterless Wash – 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Cleavue Glass Clean – 5 out of 5 Stars

Dash & Glass – 4.5 out of 5 Stars

All Wheel Cleaner – 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Interior 1 – 4 out of 5 Stars

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N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the products. The bundle of Turtle Wax car care products were sent to me by Halfords with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the products.