5 Children’s Shows We’ve Been Watching On DisneyLife

I am a DisneyLife Brand Ambassador and this post was created in partnership with DisneyLife who have provided me with a free 12 month DisneyLife subscription.

As Toddler L gets older, we’re starting to leave behind some of the more babified kid’s shows that have been a regular fixture on our TV over the last couple of years. These are being replaced with programmes which have more dialogue, complex plots, interesting characters and those all important life lessons. As such, Disney Junior is fast becoming our favourite children’s TV channel.

It’s not much of a surprise considering that it goes hand-in-hand with the DisneyLife app, which we’ve been enjoying for the last six months. The app allows us to watch on-demand Disney content like films and TV shows, listen to Disney songs and read Disney books on our smartphones, tablet and laptop – plus I often connect it to the TV via HDMI. We’ve used this a lot – ranging from Toddler L watching a downloaded show in the car on long journeys, through to reading stories before she goes to bed.

Things have got even better recently with DisneyLife. The service has been improved by adding Live TV to the app. This gives you the ability to watch the Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior live on up to ten compatible devices for £4.99 per month. With the on-demand content I mentioned before, you have unlimited Disney magic to entertain the little – and big – ones.

5 Kid's Shows We've Been Watching On DisneyLife Live TV screenshot on laptop

We’ve been making use of this Live TV feature since it was implemented last month. We already have the Disney Channels included in our TV package, so it’s not changed things when we’re at home. Actually, I lie – what it has allowed me to do is regain control of the TV. For example, last weekend, I was able to watch football on the big TV as she happily watched Disney Junior on the tablet. That’s a win in anyone’s book.

It’s also been good when we’ve visited friends or family. Not everyone is as toddler-prepared as us, so having DisneyLife means we have an entertainment source if needed – both on the journey and when we’re there. This is particularly useful when we visit my brother and his boyfriend – they love playing with her, but are pretty knackered after 3 hours of relentless toddlerdom!

So, in no particular order, I thought I’d share five children’s TV shows which we’ve been watching on DisneyLife:

Doc McStuffins

The show focuses on a young girl called Dottie – nicknamed Doc – who wants to follow in her mum’s footsteps to become a doctor. With the help of her stuffed friends – who she brings to life with a magic stethoscope – she’s able to diagnose and fix other toys who have suffered various playtime injuries.

Toddler L loves this show. So much so, that we bought her a toy doctors set which she plays with daily as she cures me, the missus and her toys – she’s like a real life Doc McStuffins. I really like this programme too – it has plenty of important messages around things like friendship, being kind and hard work, whilst the main character is a very positive role model for little girls.

We tend to watch this just before Toddler L goes down for her nap as there’s a bumper four episodes between 11.30am and 12.130pm.

5 Kid's Shows We've Been Watching On DisneyLife Toddler watching Doc McStuffins

The Lion Guard

Based on Disney’s classic film The Lion King, the programme centres around Kion, who is a young lion cub and the son of Simba and Nala. As leader of The Lion Guard, it’s Kion’s job to protect the Pride Lands with the other members of his group – Bunga (a honey badger), Beshte (a hippo), Fuli (a cheetah) and Ono (egret). They do this by bringing their unique attributes to the group and working together to face various problems which threaten the Circle of Life.

Having already watched The Lion King a few times, Toddler L has naturally transitioned to this show, which is created for the younger audience. She particularly enjoys learning the names of the various African animals that feature, plus dancing along when the characters spontaneously break into song. I also get a fair bit of enjoyment out of watching it – particularly when some of the original characters like Timon, Pumbaa and Mufasa make an appearance. It must be something about taking me back to my childhood.

We usually catch an episode of The Lion Guard at 8.30am around the time when Toddler L is having her breakfast.

Sofia The First

The programme follows the adventures of Sofia, who became an overnight princess when her mum married the King. Previously a ‘commoner’, the story revolves around Sofia trying to adjust to her new role as royalty – something she does with the help of her magical amulet and other characters from the Disney world.

Although Toddler L hasn’t quite hit the ‘obsessed by princesses’ phase yet, she does enjoy sitting down and watching “Princess”, as she calls it. It doesn’t hold my attention for too long if I’m honest, but there are some pretty good messages and lessons in there, such as honesty, courage and kindness. I guess I’m not the intended target audience after all!

We’ll usually stick Sofia The First on at 2.30pm when Toddler L is having her lunch having woken from a nap.

5 Kid's Shows We've Been Watching On DisneyLife mum and toddler watching sofia the first on laptop

PJ Masks

The show revolves around three young friends – Connor, Amaya and Greg. During the day, they’re just regular six-year old kids, but at night they become the crime fighting team known as PJ Masks. Under their superhero names of Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, they use their powers to defeat the evil plans of villains such as Luna Girl, Romeo and Night Ninja.

I think the show is maybe a little old for her still – the concept of good vs bad is probably lost on her. However, she now recognises the characters – particularly Gekko – and is glued to the fast-paced action associated with the brave band of heroes. I’m not going to lie, I enjoy PJ Masks quite a lot too – there’s nothing like a good superhero caper to grab my attention. I’ve even found myself watching it when she’s having a nap…

PJ Masks is on Disney Jr quite a lot throughout the day, however Toddler L usually watches a couple of episodes from 5.30pm when I’m preparing tea.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a series where Disney favourites – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto – call on the help of viewers to solve particular problems they face as part of their daily lives. With the assistance of the Mousekadoer computer, Toodles and Mousekatools, we help Mickey complete tasks such as counting, identifying shapes and choosing the correct Mousekatool for the job.

This was one of the first shows Toddler L watched on DisneyLife and she’s loved it ever since. As she’s got more familiar with the show, she joins in when required which is pretty awesome to see. For instance, she’ll shout “Oh Toodles” and “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse”, as well as pick the Mousekatools needed. As such, it’s definitely helped with her development, e.g. shapes, numbers and colours. As a parent, the only thing you’ll need to bear in mind is the songs which get stuck in your head all day – “hot dog!”

This is something we’ll often watch on-demand when Toddler L wakes up, plus we usually catch the 9.45am episode on live TV depending on what we’re up to.

5 Kid's Shows We've Been Watching On DisneyLife Toddler watching Mickey mouse on laptop

So those are five shows we’ve recently been watching on Disney Junior via the DisneyLife app. Does your kid watch any of these children’s shows? What’s your child’s favourite Disney show to watch? Let me know below!