Is That A Toy Pig In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?

Back in the summer, I wrote a post about things that remind me that I’m a parent even when I’m childfree. As the title would suggest, this highlighted four particular points which snap me back to the reality of being a dad when I don’t have Toddler L with me. One of these points was around finding random crap in my pocket. To quote myself:

“As any parent knows, as soon as you have a kid, you turn into a glorified packmule…When I’ve dipped my hand into my pocket since becoming a dad, I’ve pulled out all manner of things thanks to Toddler L – empty food wrappers, used wet wipes, toy cars, stickers, feathers, stones, hair clips and leaves, to name a few. It’s becoming like my very own tombola. Only the prizes are shit and most likely covered in snot.”

Well, the other day I saw a video from fellow stay-at-home dad blogger John at Dad Blog UK. In this, he explained that he’d come across the same problem – namely ending up carrying loads of random stuff around with him as a result of his kids.

He went one step further though by voyeuristically showing us what he found in his pockets on a typical day of being with his daughters. I don’t want to get your hopes up too much, but he did remind me of a member of The Dreamboys as he seductively reached into his pocket…

After getting over the fact he was wearing severely ripped jeans and looked like he was sitting on the bog, me and a few other dad bloggers decided to take him up on his ‘what’s in your pocket / bag’ challenge. Along with Simon (Man vs Pink), Tom (Diary of the Dad) and Darren (Love All Dads), we each filmed our own short video revealing what crap we carry around with us.

It was a hugely enlightening exercise. It turned out that we carry a range of things – from the practical to the mundane to the downright bizarre! You can check out each of our videos below:

The DADventurer

Dad Blog UK

Man vs Pink

Love All Dads

Diary of the Dad

So that’s what we carry in our pockets. What do you have in your bag / pocket on a random day with your kid(s)? Let me know below!